Saturday, 14 September 2013

So Pho at Jem

If you are staying in the West and love Vietnamese food, you can rejoice because So Pho, a humble-looking eatery serving Vietnamese food is located conveniently at the basement of JEM which is just beside Jurong East Mrt Station. 

It is not common to see Vietnamese eateries around so I decided to step out of my comfort zone to try So Pho. 

Banh Xeo $9.80
vietnamese pancake with minced meat and seafood
I really love the Banh Xeo that I had eaten at the World Street Food Congress but So Pho's version paled in comparison. The edges were crisp and the pancake was filled with minced meat, shrimps and beansprouts. However, the batter was not as fragrant as the one I tried and it lacked that something which I can't put a word to. It was quite a disappointment.

Curry Chicken Set $9.90
The curry chicken set comes with a bowl of curry chicken, rice and a sunny-side up. The curry chicken was not spicy. I would honestly prefer my chinese curry to this. The chicken meat had a consistency of slight redness and one could also tell there was discolouration around the joints. It was quite unsightly and it did not make us want to have more of it. 

The sunny side up was perfectly displayed. When I poked my fork into the yolk, it burst beautifully. The salad at the side was nothing worth mentioning.

Pho Ga $8.80

It comes with some raw beansprouts served separately which added a crunchy texture to the bowl of noodles. I got the chicken noodle soup instead of the beef because I do not like the heavy taste of cooked beef. The soup broth was sweet and delightfully tasty. It was clear and not oily too. There were plenty of chicken meat in it too. The amount of rice noodles in it was just right, not too much nor little. This is worth a try!

Rice paper rolls wrapped with prawns and lemongrass chicken $4.50
As much as I would love to, I could not appreciate the taste of it. It was really dry and bland and hard to take a second bite because the taste was not enticing at all. 

I've come to a conclusion that my tastebuds are not a fan of vietnamese food, except the delicious but really oily Banh Xeo I had some time ago. If you do not like Vietnamese food, you can give this a miss. 


So Pho
Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-08, Jurong East, 608549

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