Monday, 30 September 2013

Table @ Pip's (Lorong Kilat)

My first visit to Table @ Pip's was during Christmas in 2011 and it was quite a positive experience. After checking out their menu, CC and I decided to head down to Table @ Pip's for an impromptu dinner date. 

I love how the dim lightings create a romantic vibe and is certainly suitable for first dates. 

Everything on their menu is affordable so we decided to get 2 appetizers and 2 main courses. We had intended to head over to Carpenter & Cook for desserts but unfortunately they were closed.

Garden Salad

The salad was underdressed, which resulted in a lack of flavour. 

The escargots were juicy and were seated comfortably on top of the mushrooms which were equally juicy too. Texture was chewy and the garlic made it fragrant.

Duck Confit
Confit - cooking meat in its own fat
The duck confit was tender and the skin was crispy with minimal fats. The mash was warm, smooth and creamy. The only thing I did not like about this dish was the assorted vegetable cubes. 

Fish and Chips 
The fries were served cold, probably because they were left there for a long time. They were thus not crisp too. The batter looked crispy but unfortunately it was a tad soggy. I felt that the fish was lacking in flavour and the taste that stood out was the salt seasoning. The batter was also quite floury and too thick at some areas. Because the fish & chips is priced at $7.90 only, we were not that disappointed. After all, where can you find such cheap fish & chips in a restaurant like Table @ Pip's?

The in-charge (?) offered us a complimentary dessert on the house after getting feedback from us. I was glad that they made the effort to do corrective action instead of just acknowledging customers' feedbacks without doing anything (which is what most restaurants do).

Their hot seller is the durian chocolate but we did not pick that as I did not like durian so we had the Bread & Butter pudding instead. This was featured as one of the top 10 bread and butter puddings on Epicure. It was my second time trying Bread & Butter Pudding and I love this! There were hidden raisins in the bread (not a fan of raisins) which added flavour to it. The warm custard sauce was served separately so that you can pour it to your own discretion. If you do not have a sweet tooth, this may be suitable for you too as it was not too sweet.

It was a 5 minute wait for the dessert to be ready. If you still have some space for desserts, do try this!

If you're looking for a restaurant with nice ambience, good service and relatively affordable and value-for-money food, check out Table @ Pip's! 


Table @ Pip's
Lorong Kilat 598139 
6467 6867

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