Monday, 23 September 2013

Tea Party Cafe @ Sixth Avenue

Located in the district of Sixth Avenue lies a humble looking 2-storey cafe named Tea Party Cafe. 
It was an impromptu lunch visit on a Sunday afternoon and the cafe was relatively empty. The only diners there were students studying.

The main courses came with chicken soup and a drink. The chicken soup had a thick layer of oil on the surface. There were also barely any chicken pieces in it but it was understandable since the prices were relatively cheap and affordable.

Bacon Aglio Olio $8.50
Their pasta was mildly spicy and very oily but still manageable. This was one of the recommended dishes so I decided to try it instead of the seafood aglio olio. Really fatty bacon was used and there were many small pieces of bacon fats which I was unable to appreciate.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie $4.50
Just when I thought that the combination of chocolate and banana would never go wrong, Tea Party's version proved me otherwise. There was a balance of chocolate and banana flavours but sadly, the banana flavour felt like it came from artificial banana syrup. It was quite sweet too. 

Carbonara $8.50
This was lacking in flavour and overly salty. Disappointingly, the carbonara was one of their recommended dishes as well. Their sauce tasted like canned sauce and there was a weird woody taste to it.

Service was amiable and friendly but that's it. I doubt I will specially make a return visit again.

Ending this post with an outfit of the day! 


Tea Party Cafe
#01-07, Sixth Avenue Centre, 805 Bukit Timah Road

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