Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Darlie Expert White Review

I was glad to receive Darlie's Charcoal Spiral toothbrush (it came timely just when I needed a new toothbrush!) and their Darlie Expert White toothpaste for a review.

Having a set of sparkling white teeth will make you feel more confident of yourself when you smile and talk to people. It also enhances one's appearance!

More about Darlie Expert White:
Darlie Expert White is inspired by professional whitening treatments used in daily dental care – Ultrasonic scaling and Polishing. Specially enhanced with Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp), an ingredient similar to what dentist uses, it helps to provide a professional teeth-whitening experience for all, revealing a shiny confidence smile.

Here's the Darlie Expert White toothpaste!

Darlie Expert White can help to prevent up to 80% of stain and tartar accumulation. It contains PS-mp ingredient that helps to make teeth 3 times whiter. A research has been done to prove that 88% of respondent agree on its Professional Whitening Effects.

The toothpaste is in a tube and I do not have to remove the whole cap to use it. I just need to open it to use and then click it back to close it.

I feel that the toothpaste is drier than the other brands that I use but I also like how it is stiffer and not that soft in texture. Once it is in the mouth, the toothpaste will be moisturized by water and saliva already so it feels like any other normal toothpaste. It takes more effort to squeeze the toothpaste out but it is not a problem for me. The taste of the toothpaste is minty but not overly minty which I like. It also tastes rather refreshing and is not at all bitter for me. It is in a really nice shade of blue too :)

Everyday, we eat different kinds of food and it is quite hard to avoid dark-coloured food (for example, dark gravy) that can stain our teeth. The drinking of soda and coloured drinks will also stain our teeth. Using the Darlie Expert White daily can help to create a whitening shield over the teeth to prevent such staining. It is impossible to avoid all the types of food that will stain your teeth so using Darlie Expert White offers a good protection. Your teeth is what people notice when you make a conversation with them. I'm sure nobody (logically) wants to open their mouth to reveal yellow teeth because it is not a good sight.

The Darlie Expert White toothpaste is available at all leading departmental stores at a $5.90 for the 120g tube.

Good news! NTUC FairPrice is having a promotion where you get to buy 3 toothpastes for the price of 2! Buy 2 and get 1 free and you have a total of 30% savings. Promotion is only valid from 24th to 30th October so grab them fast before the promotion ends.


Charcoal Spiral Toothbrush:

The binchotan charcoal in the toothbrush can prevent bacteria growth. It has the ability to remove unpleasant odours, thus preventing bad breath and the growth of harmful bacteria. It also helps to remove plaque.

The bristles have very slim tip to reach between the gaps of the teeth for more thorough cleansing. Look at how fine the tips are! 

The bristles are also extremely soft and comfortable to use.

I've got to say that this is the best toothbrush I've ever owned and I am not even exaggerating. Maybe it's because I always use cheapo toothbrushes so I can feel the huge discrepancy between X brand and this. The bristles are crazily soft and they are so gentle on my gums. When I first used it, I was quite shocked because I could not really feel the sensation of the bristles brushing against my gums at all. This is definitely good for people who have really sensitive gums. 

If you want a better effect of whitening the teeth, I will advise you to get the Darlie Expert White and Charcoal Spiral Toothbrush so that both products can complement each other.

Check out this video here which shows the difference and effectiveness of whitening teeth between Brand X and Darlie Expert White:

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