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Ambush @ Jem

Craving for affordable and decent European fare? Check out Ambush, a restaurant which features a modern European dining ambience and experience. From Swiss German sausages to Belgium mussels to Spanish Paella to their French Entree, you will be spoilt for choice with the variety of items they offer on their menu. I will advise you to order a number of dishes and share with your friends for a more satisfying dining experience.

Last month, I was at Ambush to sample their Oktoberfest Specials as well as their standard menu thanks to Openrice.

Green Apple Mojito $5.50
The combination of sour green apple syrup, mojito syrup, soda and fresh mint leaves makes a great drink. The mint leaves in particular, leaves a refreshing and cool aftertaste. The fizzyness of the soda was quite shiok too.

Some of the other drinks that we had ordered. 

Oktoberfest Specials
What is Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest is the world's largest fair held yearly in Germany. It is a 16-day festival running from late September to the first weekend in October with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year.
(credits: wikipedia)

Here were some of the food items on the Oktoberfest menu that we got to try.

Roasted Pork Knuckle served with sauerkraut, light brown sauce and mashed potato $18
This was not to my liking but the pork was quite tender. There were visible fats around which I could not really stand as I personally do not like fatty foods. The roasted pork skin was quite crispy but it had a layer of fat over it.

I love the mashed potato and the sauce. The potato was very smooth and had a consistent texture, with no lumps. The sauce was also flavourful. 

Currywurst $16.90
If you love curry and sausages, this would be the ideal dish for you. The Berlin's Star pan seared bratwursts were very well seasoned and had a distinct curry flavour. They were also fat and juicy. I felt that the sauce accompanied with it was average tasting only. The salad dressing was also packed with flavours, making it a yummy side.

Schweinmedallion $18.90
This not-sure-how-to-pronounce (Sch-wein-me-dal-lion?) dish is made up of pan grilled pork tenderloin, sliced and placed on top of a bed of delightful homemade spatzle and sauerkraut in mushroom cream sauce. The grilled pork tenderloin's texture resembled that of breast meat. I find that it was lacking in flavour but it complemented well with the mushroom cream sauce. I like how there were no visible fats in the pork and they were already sliced so it was quite easy to eat it. 

I really love the spatzle so much that I think I can eat it as a meal itself! When paired with the creamy mushroom sauce, it was really tasty. 


Standard menu items:

Poulet Roti $17.20
Roasted garlic and herb rubbed chicken leg with grainy mustard mash, yellow chanterelle mushrooms, reduced cream sauce & seasonal vegetables.

another POV. 
The mustard mash served in this dish is something different from the usual original mash. There were no visible lumps which was evident of good preparation process.

In terms of texture and appearance, the poulet resembled a lot like duck confit. It was surprisingly very very  tender and the mushroom sauce gave it extra flavour when dipped into it. The skin had minimal fats and was slightly crisp. Yummy!

Chicken Gordon Bleu $18.50
I have not tried such a dish before! This dish is made up of breaded chicken breast stuffed with smoked ham and cheese. Mushroom cream sauce and spatzle are served underneath. I need not explain further about how good the spatzle tastes with the mushroom sauce. Definitely one of my favourite combinations! 

The chicken breast was a tad dry on its own but with the melted cheese, they made a great complement. I could not really taste the flavour of the smoked ham though.

Baby Scallop & Flying Fish Roe in Squid Ink Sauce $14.80
This was not the first time I tried Squid Ink pasta so there was not much excitement when I dug into this dish. Nevertheless, I am a pasta lover and I adore this. Usually, people avoid ordering this dish because of its dramatic all-black appearance. People are also afraid that eating it will stain the teeth and I am sure no one will want to leave the restaurant with black-stained teeth. Rest assure that this doesn't stain one's teeth at all (provided you lick the sauce off your teeth and gulp down some liquid after). Tried and tested!

Crispy Chicken & Seaweed - Aglio Olio Ambush Style ($13.00)
The pasta had a garlicky flavour and it was mildly spicy due to the chilli flakes scattered everywhere. The crispy chicken was indeed crispy and tender as well. 

Ambush's Paella $14.20

The paella was very moist but I felt that it would taste better if more of the gravy was soaked up.  There were plenty of ingredients in it such as clams, mussels, scallops, prawns and sliced bacon. The sliced sausages scattered around the rice gave it a nice smokey flavour. There was also a slight tomato taste and it should be tolerable for those who dislike tomatoes but love paella.

Char Grilled Lamb Saddle Steak $22.80
pan grilled bone-in lamb saddle loin served with potato puree, mint conserve, seasonal vegetables and balsamic veal jus
The steak was tender and I am thinking that the medium doneness of this steak played a part in making the lamb steak more tender and delectable. The mint conserve did not seem to complement the lamb. The cool and refreshing minty taste of it however gave the pronounced flavour of the lamb a good balance.

Chocolate Lava Souffle $8.80
Disappointingly, chocolate did not flow out as one would expect when it being dissected. It resembled more like a molten chocolate cake rather than a souffle though.

Tiramisu $6.80
I don't think that Ambush's tiramisu contains alcohol but somehow, there was a distinct taste of alcohol to me. Must be the italian gourmet coffee infused in it! They were quite generous with the chocolate powder toppings. For me, it did not really matter since I love chocolate but for others, the texture may be too powdery overwhelming.

Apple Crisp $6.80
The caramel syrup was not too sweet and it was well balanced with the vanilla ice-cream. The apple pie was crumbly and served warm which made it even more delicious when paired up with the cold ice-cream. Worth a try!

Molten Chocolate Brownie $6.80
Other than the sight of the whipped cream sitting awkwardly on top of the scoop of vanilla icecream, I love how chocolatey this dessert looks, especially that generous amount of chocolate sauce drizzled all over the chocolate brownie. This dessert may seem very chocolatey but it was not overwhelming for me because I am a chocolate lover. The rich flavour of the warm brownie was well balanced by the light flavour of the vanilla icecream. Chocolate lovers will adore this!

Overall, it was a satisfying and relatively affordable meal :)


Ambush @ JEM:
50 Jurong Gateway Road #04-13, Singapore 608549

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