Saturday, 2 November 2013

Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party

I was at Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party 2 weekends ago at Nail's D'vine for a pampering session!

Some background information about HoneyzCube:
HoneyzCube is a beauty encyclopaedia and product review catalogue for women. Check out HoneyzCube Cube Store where you can now try the products that are highly raved there! If you are wondering what HKCplaza is, it is a shopping mall in Korea.

I was greeted by a beautiful reception when I entered the place. 

the play area for kids. so cute!

Do you know that you can even hold your parties or events here? Unlike the conventional parties, your guests can be kept occupied with manicure and pedicure sessions as well!

Nail's D'vine also provide makeup workshops and nails service. Because it is located at Dempsey and may be a little inconvenient to go by public transport for some of you, Nail's D'vine's customers are entitled to $10 cab rebate!!! So good right? So if your purchase costs $15, you only need to pay $5.

Their pedicure corner. Don't the sofas look so royal? 

Make-up corner.

I absolutely adore all the decorations and furniture that they use! So victoria-ish. 

Basically, Nail's D'vine is a one-stop beauty palace for nails, make-up services and beauty!

Look at that chandelier and the amazing wallpaper on the ceiling :O It was definitely the first time I had seen a beauty parlour putting in so much effort in their interior design. 

Nail's D'vine is also an official retail for Lee Ji Ham (LJH) Cosmetics full range. LJH Cosmetics is the first company in Korea to develop and introduce cosmeceuticals, which means combining cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for the enhancement of health and beauty of skin. They are a chain of skin & aesthetics clinics with over 50 clinics in South Korea. Their products are specially formulated with 3 of their key doctors and developed based on patients' skin problems. 

I was privileged to test several of their products - one of which was the oxygen mask. 

More details here.

Cellabel M.C.Eyelash Queen
do not belittle this product! Even though I have not tried it, I've seen before and after pictures and it and I was really amazed by the results.

star product of the post which I highly recommend!
The P.Antarctica 77 Cream from LJH will be officially launched on 1st November. The P.Antarctica 77 Cream is a non-sticky, non-oily, non-shiny and non-greasy gel cream that forms into water upon contact with skin. The product's main ingredient is from Antarctica that is why it is called the P.Antarctica 77 Cream. There are no negative side effects and it does not cause any skin irritation as well. This is very popular in Korea (google it for reviews). 

Want to try out this product? Redeem starter kits of P.Antartica 77 cream (only limited to first 300 redemptions, from 23rd September) HERE.

Get LJH cosmetics from HoneyzCube E-store! It is the official e-store for LJH Cosmetics. 

I also had a manicure session here - Antarctica-themed nails! 

Loving the unique splatter effect! 

After the manicure session, I did the v-line treatment. The v-line treatment is meant to give you the v-shape face that is highly sought after. 1 session costs $88 but you can also buy the home kit for $500+. 

here's the magic tool used for the v-line treatments. 

When you start ageing, it is advisable for you to go for lifting treatments once in a while and this treatment has the lifting effect too.

Do you wish to have a v-line but don't know what is the best way of getting it without undergoing surgery? Try out this v-line treatment which is a non-invasive procedure! 

Here's my before and after. Only the right side had undergone the treatment and the difference was noticeable.

before: round face with the fats surrounding the jawline // after: a more defined jawline

The v-line treatment can last up to 2 weeks. 

Quote "Rachelays" to get 20% for any services purchased at Limited to first 10 readers only!

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Nails D'vine is located at Blk 26 Dempsey Road #01-03A Singapore 249686.

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