Monday, 4 November 2013

The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe @ Biopolis

Located just a 5-10 minute walk away from Buona Vista MRT Station, The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe is a casual dining place to have a healthy and delicious meal of greens.

I was there on a Sunday afternoon and it was packed indoors so we sat at the al fresco area. I love how it is not noisy there and it makes an ideal place to have a meal and catch up with friends or even chill over a cup of coffee.

 I have not tried other salad eateries so I cannot make a comparison. I have heard a lot of good reviews about The Lawn and I must say, I was glad that it did not disappoint me.

 Despite the sunny weather, it was not that hot even though we were seated outdoors. There were occasionally strong currents of wind despite the area being surrounded by tall office buildings. It is actually better to dine outdoors at night than indoors because the area is very breezy.

What meat is to greens, insanity is to art!

Their salad counter and grill station. 

Customers can get to customize their own salad or olive rice at $9.90. Meat your Greens, just the way you want it!

They have a 9 different salad dressing flavours to choose from and they are all made from scratch. I was glad to have the opportunity to try all flavours.

The popular choices are vinaigrette (the typical dressings for salads) and red island which I felt was too thick for salads. The maple peanut is a particularly popular choice among the ladies! 

Here are some of the dressings that left me quite a bit of an impression on me.

Me So Spicy: This dressing is flaming hot and somehow reminds me of the taste of Tom Yum. I doubt I can finish my entire salad if it is drowned in Me So Spicy dressing but it is worth a try if you can tolerate spiciness.

Maple Peanut: Here's a delightful combination of maple syrup and peanut butter that will please maple-syrup-and-peanut-butter lovers. The end result is a sweet and rich flavour yet not too overwhelming for salads. 

Wasahonie: Can you imagine a combination of wasabi, honey and mayonnaise? CC adored this but the wasabi was too strong for me. So much kick though.

Manly Mango: a refreshing touch of mango with hints of sour notes. A unique salad dressing!

For food tasting purposes, we were served half a portion of salad so that we could try more food!

Grilled Chicken breast with Maple infusion
These bite-sized grilled chicken breast cubes tasted mildly sweet and were surprisingly tender and juicy.

Char-grilled Garlic Prawns
The marination scores for this one! The prawns are marinated in their special concoction of herbs and juices. There was a hint of garlic flavour which gave it extra fragrance. They tasted more like frozen prawns though, as compared to the ones freshly sold at supermarkets. 

Portobello Mushroom
A generous portion of portobello mushroom grilled and packed with juices with every bite.

Butter Seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub
Seasoned with italian parsley, kosher salt, and butter, this pacific dory certainly adds extra flavour and delight into your bowl of salad. It is healthy and tasty! The portion was decent as well and the fish was soft and tender. 

Ben’s Beef Rub
I love how the sirloin beef is conveniently cut up into cubes so that it is easier to eat. The beef had a chewy texture and it was well marinated.

Olive rice
The olive rice was not served hot but it was still acceptable. The rice was packed with flavour and carb-lovers will love this! The rice was more to the dry side but good thing was that it was not oily at all. Worth a try.

I also managed to try their hazelnut latte ($4.30) and it was amazing! There was a good balance of coffee and hazelnut flavour. If you love Coffee Bean's version, you will love this.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience at The Lawn. If you belong to the health-conscious lot, you should visit The Lawn for a satisfying yet guilt-free meal.

Special thanks to Jonathon for hosting us!

side track a bit. My casual outfit of that day (which was an impulsive buy :/)

For more information, visit

31 Biopolis Way #01-07, Nanos S138669
+65 64789739
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 11:15am - 09:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 04:00pm

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