Friday, 6 December 2013

Exams are finally over.

HOORAY! Weeks of studying for the exams have finally come to an end today. Those weeks were arduously long and painful especially since my exam ended on the last day of the exam period. Thank goodness it is over and there is 5 weeks of holiday for me to enjoy before the whole cycle starts again. Nevertheless, I am thankful that I am given this blessed opportunity to be able to study at NTU. I am also very blessed to have great parents who took care of my needs when I am going through a rough and stressful period. I am really so so thankful for my dad who sends me to school almost every single time without fail, for disrupting his work schedule just so he can send me to school. The reason why he does that is because he wants me to enjoy university and he doesn't want me to feel like it is a burden to go to school everyday since travelling is quite a bother. Also, I'm thankful for the mum who cooks brain food for me (salmon yummz!) and taking such great care of the family. Of course, thank you to my dear Lessie baby boy for giving me moral support during this period too :') and not to forget, CC for the big love he has been showering on me!

I am glad to say that.. I have completed 3 rounds of finals in university (wow, time flies really fast huh?) and there is still 5 more rounds to go. I am enjoying my university days and am glad that I did not reject this chance given to me. It is indeed a blessing in disguise and I am really starting to genuinely love what I am studying.

Have an awesome Christmas people! :)

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