Sunday, 29 December 2013

Habitat Coffee @ Upper Thomson

It was an early meetup with the poly girls for an early Christmas dinner at Habitat Coffee as well as a gift exchange session.

Habitat Coffee is quite accessible by bus as there is a bus stop nearby so taking public transport won't be a hassle.

 It is a rather small place so I will not recommend it for large gatherings because it may get crowded during peak hours and there is limited seating.

The menu for brunch and dinner is different. For dinner, they have sandwiches and pasta. Being the pasta lover, of course I had pasta! Actually all of us did!

Hazelnut coffee $5.90
Hazelnut coffee is one of the usuals that I order at cafes because I love it. The hazelnut flavour was present but it could be slightly stronger. The coffee was good and strong enough. The coffee art for this was a tad messy unlike the other cups of coffee that were ordered.

Macadamia Coffee $5.90

Cafe Mocha $5.90

Flat White $4.90

My friends ordered the other coffees which I did not try but according to them, they were decent and satisfactory.

Truffle fries $9
Their truffle fries are dressed with fine grated parmesan. They were one of the best that I had tried because almost every one of those fries was crispy! I also love the cheese toppings. It would be perfect if the truffle taste was stronger though.

Truffle Al Funghi $17
creamy truffle wild mushroom pasta with baby spinach
Fresh baby spinach was placed on top of the creamy spaghetti. This was too creamy for my liking.

Cheesynara Cream $16
This pasta was served with chicken sausage and bacon which was not fatty. X had this and she could not finish it because the taste was too overpowering for her.

Take Shitake $12
Sauteed wild mushrooms with aglio olio linguine
Nothing fanciful. Just mushrooms and lThis tasted ordinary to me.

Ocean Linguine $16
grounded black pepper seafood aglio olio tossed with white wine
This was what I had. I wanted aglio olio and there were only 2 types of aglio olio on the menu so I got this.
 I tried all but I prefer the Ocean Linguine and Cheesynara Cream the best. There were 2 mussels and 4 prawns in the aglio olio which I felt was reasonable for the price. The prawns were not of the freshest quality though. The black pepper taste was not strong and it was not spicy too. 

For a cafe, the food is reasonably priced and of reasonable quality. Their brunch menu looks more promising so I will probably be back to try them.

If you will like to check out Habitat Coffee, it is at 233 Upper Thomson Road.


After dinner, we headed to Salted Caramel just across the road for desserts!

It was my first time trying Salted Caramel and the waffles were tasty, although not the best. 

Gift exchange time!

Thank you girls for the great company and wonderful night :)

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