Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nara Thai @ Ion Orchard

Thai cuisine is so popular in Singapore that recently many popular restaurants from Thailand has opened overseas outlets here. 

Nara Thai Cuisine was voted as Thailand's best restaurants from 2007 till 2013. There were many features on Nara Thai too. Not too long ago, I had seen a magazine write-up on the 50 must-eat food in Singapore (whut), one of which was Nara Thai's yellow curry soft shell crab. As an avid lover of Thai food and after reading that article, I decided to waste no more time to try out Nara Thai.

At first glance, this looks like a posh restaurant relative to the other restaurants on that level. However, we were seated near the kitchen area where there was a section dedicated to collector cart trolleys which was not very sightly and did not quite fit in with the classy look that the restaurant was going for.

The food that Nara Thai has to offer is not very extensive, but enough to capture the focus of authentic Thai cuisine. 

Thai Iced Tea $5+?
This was really good! Most thai iced tea that I have tried are quite sweet but the level of sweetness for this was just right for me. It was also distinctly Thai in taste, making me want to have more with every sip.

Deep fried chicken in traditional thai shrimp paste $9.90
They could have done a better job at cleaning the plate before serving this to us. There were only a few small pieces of chicken that barely filled up half of the plate. The taste of the chicken was good though. They were well marinated in the thai shrimp paste and chicken was quite tender. The powdery condiment (not sure what it was) served separately at the side did not go well with the chicken and had a really weird taste. 

Stir-fried Soft Shell Crab with Yellow Curry $18.90
Here's the dish that we were looking forward to because it was (claimed) to be the top 50 food items you must try in Singapore as mentioned above. The yellow curry was barely warm and it was not very nice to eat after it turned cold halfway through our meal. There was nothing fanciful about the soft shell crab but I am guessing that the yellow curry would have tasted really good if it was served hot. The taste of the curry was rich and sweet and could easily go well with white rice ($2). 

Tom Yum Kung $19.90
There were only 2 big prawns and 1 mushroom in it. I don't think I will be willing to pay for a small pot of tom yum soup with only 2 king prawns and a small mushroom for such a price. The spiciness was there but there was nothing fantastic about the taste. It was too milky for my liking. The best part of the soup was that the prawns were really big and fresh and the superb freshness of the prawns lingered in the soup. They certainly can do better by offering more (at least 2 mushrooms hah) at such a price.

Overall, the portions were too stingy and the taste of the food did not quite justify for the hefty price. I understand that they are located in a prime location like Ion and they certainly have to mark up the prices to cover for rental costs and other expenses. I am willing to pay a premium for good food but I don't think Nara Thai is worth the money.


Nara Thai
ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21 Singapore 238801

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  1. Hi dear, do you live in Singapore? Next month I'll visit singapore for 3days with my brother. Could you please give me some recommendations of an affordable cafe or restaurant and also halal hihihi.