Friday, 20 December 2013

Review: Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

Biore has introduced their new and improved Biore Cotton Sheets and I will be reviewing it in this blog post.

It is quite a chore to remove make-up especially after a long day out. I hate it when I have to use several cotton wools to completely remove my make-up!

With the new Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets, your make-up will be removed easily, with less effort! Is it really true? Let me find out!

The new tub now has improved sealing performance as it is sealed in an air tight tub unlike the old one. 

 The new sheets contains more liquid and can thus last longer without drying up. If you seldom apply make-up, you can consider getting this.

Before removing my make-up.

Even though my make-up is quite light (relative to a full make-up face), it is still quite tedious for me to remove my eyeliner completely because it is waterproof and thus requires more effort.

After using the Biore Cotton Sheets, I was amazed by how clean my face looked even without washing it. Usually I will have to give my face at least a rinse but with these sheets, I can even go out without the extra task of wiping or washing my face!

All it took was one facial sheet for me make-up to be removed effectively and cleanly. The usual make-up remover that I used to use was from a bottle dispenser. I would pump the make-up removal solution onto cotton wool and then wipe off my make-up. I find it more tedious as I will have to use a few cotton wool to completely remove my make-up. The Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets is definitely gentler to my skin. I find that I spend less effort on wiping my eye area. It is quite a chore for me to remove my eye make-up because when I rub harder, my eyelashes have the tendency to drop off.

I also manage to save some time in removing my make-up. The Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets aids in speedier make-up removal because it has 20% more cleansing oil in each sheet than the old version.

My t-zone gets really oily when I am out the whole day. Removing my make-up (while cleaning the face, I am wiping away the oil too right?) doesn't help so I will have to wash my face after make-up removal if not my face will feel oily and as though it still has residue on it. However, after using Biore's facial sheets, my skin doesn't feel oily at all especially after a long day out. Can you believe I don't even have to wash my face to get rid of the oiliness on my t-zone?! I can't haha! The new hydrating beauty essence in the facial sheets will leave skin moist and soft with no stickiness. 

This product is definitely one of the best things that I have reviewed so far because it is that good. Try it and you won't regret! 

The regular tub is going at $17.90, refill pack at $15.60 and the handy pack (contains 10 sheets) at $3.90. Biore Cotton Sheets are available in major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets.

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