Thursday, 12 December 2013

Technology is dehumanizing.

Technology is dehumanizing. With so many social media platforms and online entertainment to keep us occupied, it is no wonder that it is a common sight to see people everywhere (in restaurants, on the streets, in the bus) using their electronic gadgets even when they are out with their family, friends.etc

How many of us can actually put our phones aside for a day when we are out with our friends without using our phones at all (say there is no need to contact anyone)? It is almost impossible right? We need to check for social media updates from friends because it has already become a habit, a part of us.

Today, I went with my parents for lunch at JEM, after which we headed over to Starbucks for the 1-for-1 Venti Christmas drinks. I noticed (not the first time) that almost throughout the meal, my dad was playing Candy Crush (he had spent real money on it!) and was so engrossed in it even though he said he was hungry. He paused to take a few mouthfuls of food before continuing the game. Seeing both my parents busy using their phone, I started using my phone as well. Our precious family bonding time is wasted away. Face-to-face communication is minimized even though we are right beside each other. In fact, we hardly ever have a good talk together because most of our free time is spent on technology. Such communication is what makes us really human isn't it?

There is no doubt that technology is good. But it has come to a point where we rely too much on technology that it dehumanizes us. What do you think?

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