Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Bravery Cafe @ Jalan Besar

Search The Bravery on instagram and you can see many shots featuring a slanted horse in the middle of a communal table surrounded with pretty fairy lights. 

The vibes that The Bravery gives is something different to what most cafes typically offer. The industrial-looking interior is a brave choice and the uneven surface of walls, tables, and ceilings reminds me of an industrial workshop. 

Iced Chocolate $6.50
It was not a wise choice to get this instead of my usual cafe latte as this was a disappointment. The iced chocolate was too sweet for my liking, eventually blurring out the richness of a good chocolate drink. I did not manage to finish it. 

Lavender Latte $5.50
It was my first time trying Lavender Latte and it was good. I am loving the floral notes infused in this cup of latte. The lavender taste was not overpowering and was balanced well with the taste of the latte. They could do better with the latte art though. 

Pancakes Stack $15

There was very minimal crushed pistachio and honey was quite bare on the other half of the plate. I wish they could be more generous with the honey (maple syrup?) and pistachio. The bananas were sweet and went well with the warm pancakes. The ricotta cheese had a powdery texture and did not taste like it was a perfect match with the pancakes. The pancakes were not thick but were fluffy enough. This dish is nevertheless a hit for me because I am loving the winning combination of warm pancakes, bananas and honey.

Brave Begedil $17
Poached eggs with turkey bacon and avocado on corned beef begedil hash. 

We ordered this because it was recommended on the menu (besides the pancakes). Not a fan of their mash which was supposed to be the highlight of this dish though. The thin slices of the bacon strips were not salty and had a really crisp texture. The poached egg was not perfect as some parts of the yolk were overcooked and did not flow out smoothly. The combination of mash, bacon and avocado was a dry one. Thankfully the yolk gave it moisture and made it more enjoyable to eat.

Service was amiable and friendly.

After our meal, we headed over to Windowsill Pies nearby for desserts hiak hiak hiak! 

If you love The Plain (their sister cafe), you should check out The Bravery. I will stick to The Plain for now.


The Bravery
66 Horne Road

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