Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Veganburg @ The Grandstand

This is a long overdue blog post that was meant to be published before my exams. Better late than never right? Talk about procrastination! I finally tried Veganburg with Wendy after so long. I went to the outlet at Grandstand because it is the nearest to my place!

Veganburg is a fast-food restaurant that sells vegan food. Even if you don't like vegetarian food, you should step out of your comfort zone and give this a try at least once!

We went on a weekday evening and there were not many patrons. 

I love how clean and green the place looks - grass patches, white walls, tables and chairs. 

They even have a play area for the kids which is really cute and thoughtful! 

Spinach Pops $3.90

More spinach could be added into the pop since they are called Spinach Pops. The potato balls were a tad dry and there was nothing special about the taste too so I would not recommend you to get this.

Meals come with a burger, side and a drink.

Creamy Shrooms meal $11.80
I chose broccolis as my side and they were served cold. They were very lightly seasoned with pepper which gave it a wee bit of taste but was still very bland. However, Wendy could not taste any extra flavour in the broccoli at all. 

I wish they could be more generous with the spread of creamy shrooms as they were rather stingy with it. I love the creamy shrooms sauce but it was just too little for me to fully enjoy it. The patty however was good. It was slightly crisp and the sauce did not make it soggy. 

Cracked mayo meal $9.80
Same burger, same patty. Just different sauce. The fries were a disappointment. They were not crispy and were served cold. There was very little seaweed seasoning and the taste of the seaweed was almost non-existent. 

Oh, did I mention that Wendy thought it was real meat that she was eating? Lol!


#01-32, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road

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