Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Dinner @ The Line

Before this blog post gets long overdue, I'm finally blogging about it! CC and I went to The Line for a Christmas dinner. 

We were greeted by a lovely Christmas tree the moment we entered into Shangri-la Hotel. So beautiful!

Place was quite huge and lightings were not conducive for photo-taking but the ambience fitted the mood. Service was meticulous. 

Because I wanted to save my appetite for dinner, I skipped my breakfast and lunch which was a bad decision because I vomited after dinner (must be due to the raw food) even though I don't think I ate that much? Lesson learnt! Anyway, the oysters tasted fresh and the cold crab was really fresh with its sweet flesh.

Had some food items from the indian(?) cuisine section. The chips were gooood! I saw someone piling up naan on their plate. Really? That defeats the purpose of going to an international buffet right.

They have local food such as laksa.etc and we tried their wanton noodles which tasted rather bland if not for the rather spicy chilli.

Their roasted meat was oily and tough. 


We saved 1/4 of our stomach space for desserts because they have a wide variety of desserts ranging from christmas cookies, cakes and even icecream!

My favourite selection has got to be this slice of unassuming chocolate cake which was bitter and sweet all at once. Yummy!

The custard puff with taro-colored fillings was my favourite too!

date of that night

 Ending this post with a picture of us (not taken on that day :p)

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