Friday, 3 January 2014

Craft Bakery and Cafe @ Holland Village

It was a spontaneous visit to Craft Bakery & Cafe months ago with CC. We initially wanted to go to La Nonna as I had heard about their 1-for-1 lunch deals on weekdays. Unfortunately on that day, La Nonna was closed as they were having some minor renovations. We walked around Holland Village and decided to settle on Craft Bakery. 

Craft Bakery & Cafe is a small cafe serving simple brunch items such as sandwiches, and desserts and coffee. They sell desserts from 3 inch sin including a variety of flavoured molten cakes which was really expensive ($9+ for one?).

We had their lunch promotion sets which came with a drink, a side (salad or soup) and a main for just $19.

Flat White

Cafe latte 

Their coffee was a let-down as the coffee's taste was not strong enough and tasted bland. It was not aromatic too.

Mushroom soup which tasted average 

Salad with flavoursome dressing with crispy croton bread. 

The Bacon Aglio olio was way too oily but I liked the taste of it. I did not like the choice of pasta. The ridges of Penne are ideal to hold sauces well but because this dish was already oily by itself, the choice of pasta further enhanced the oiliness of it.

Smoked salmon sandwich (with cream cheese?)

The smoked salmon was not salty and the sandwich was decent but not a must-try.

I think Craft Bakery is more well known for their desserts but we were too full for any more so we did not try them.

Well... 1 cafe off the check-list! Cafehopping is such an expensive hobby but I wouldn't mind spending if the food and service are good. It is a blessing to eat after all when many are deprived of the privilege to do so. I'm thankful for that and I hope I will have the determination to exercise regularly so that I can continue with the upkeep of my fattening hobby hehe!


Craft Bakery and Cafe
Holland Village, 24A Lorong Mambong

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