Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 3 of Bangkok Trip

Before I forget about this idle draft completely, here's Day 3 of my Bangkok trip back in May!

We had the international buffet breakfast at the Sky Hotel (some people think it's good but I felt that the spread wasn't impressive and it's not worth a try. Better off eating street food!). After that, we headed to pratunam market. If you're intending to buy food items from makeshift stalls at the market, I suggest that you ask for the price first. C ordered before asking how much it was and I think we got scammed? A small packet of chicken strips for 40B and I was sure I saw other stalls selling it for 20B. We also got coconut ice-cream the night before (trying to convince myself that it is more costly as it was served in the coconut husk) for 100 freaking bahts. Wtf!! 

Chatuchak (jj market) was next!

It was so freaking hot and I only got a few items there. So disappointed because I always see people posting pictures of a million of their loots they had gotten there.

We saw the nearest coconut ice-cream stall and bought it. 3 scoops + 3 toppings only 50B (I think?) but we skipped the dubious looking toppings and got an additional scoop instead! 

The stallkeeper was grilling this hot-dog for herself (only the normal-shaped ones were for sales) when C saw it and asked what it was. The stallkeeper then conjured up a name for it "monster hotdog" lol! So we got a monster hotdog and chicken on a stick. They were so oily yet so good!

Chanced upon a small cafe among the air-conditioned shops and decided to order a drink to beat the heat.

Chocolate banana frappe 

Such pretty bananas coated in various toppings!

We didn't stay for long at Chatuchak so we headed back to Platinum mall for some quick shopping plus tea break before heading to Asiatique at night.

Shark fin soup - so darn goood!!!!

tom yum noodles

A touristy place selling quite possibly the same items or similar items as chatuchak market.etc at inflated prices.
lovely place

Dinner was at St Louis. 

chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

morning glory

red curry chicken

rice flour noodles 

salted egg papaya salad

minced tofu

tom yum goong

After dinner, we went to take the ferris wheel which was a total waste of money!
It seemed to be moving quite fast but when we were up there, it was quite boring. 

After dinner at Asiatique, we went for a fish spa session to pamper our feet after a long day of walking.

The thai traveling experience is never complete without a relaxing leg massage after a long day's walk!

We went to this massage parlour near our hotel and they are always full!

Just look at CC's expression that spells SHIOK all over.

My day ended with a soothing and relaxing warm bubble bath back in the hotel. I risked the life of my phone taking this shot lol.

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