Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First Thai @ Purvis Street

CC and I were roaming around City Hall deciding what to have for dinner. We decided to have Saveur as it was just nearby. When we arrived, we were placed on the waiting list and we were told that it would be a 30-45 minutes wait. After recording down our particulars, we wandered around Purvis Street and I spotted Jai Thai. 

Just a few days ago, I was googling on cheap and affordable thai food and Jai Thai appeared on the list. We almost settled for Jai Thai but we did not because we saw First Thai just a few shops further down.

My date ^_~ It was full house and there were people waiting for tables too. Thankfully we managed to get a table the moment we were there.

Thai Iced Tea $3
It was really sweet but the taste was great when the ice melted. There is something about thai iced tea that makes it so special and it is a drink that I must order whenever I visit thai eateries. The thai cuisine experience is never complete without thai iced tea!

Green Curry Chicken $8
 It would certainly taste better if it was served hotter. The chicken cubes in the watery green curry with texture almost like soup could not be seen if I did not scoop them up for a picture. The green curry was not at all spicy and it was sweet - good to complement with white rice.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup $8
The heavenly combination of hot and sour flavours beautifully overwhelmed my tastebuds the moment I had my first sip. There were sliced button mushrooms, a slice of fish, sotongs and some prawns in it. This is supposed to be an individual portion but it is good to share between 2.

Spicy Lemon Fish $30
While we were waiting for our table, I saw the table next to us having this fish and it looked fresh so we ordered it. There were a few varieties to choose from - spicy garlic fish, fried fish and so on. When we placed our orders, the waitress was surprised and asked me who had told me to order this dish. When CC asked her for recommendations, she said that we had ordered all of their popular dishes. The fish was really big, too big for 2 people to finish it all. The fish meat was so soft and tender, possibly one of the best I had eaten. Their gravy was more sour than spicy. I still prefer Bali Thai's rendition of their spicy lemongrass gravy but First Thai's fish definitely wins Bali Thai hands down.

Service was friendly and I like the no-frills environment and ambience too. There are pictures of Elvis Presley and pictorial vintage decorations on the walls which, although I could not find any link to Thai cuisine, appreciate the sight of them.

If you are looking for relatively affordable and good Thai food, check out First Thai.


First Thai
23 Purvis Street

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