Sunday, 5 January 2014

Necessary Provisions @ Eng Kong Terrace

Necessary Provisions may be a little hard to locate as it is located within the Upper Bukit Timah maze. Fortunately, there are several buses that stop at the main road but the nearest bus-stop only has 173 in service which really sucks because 173 (from bukit batok interchange) makes crazy rounds before stopping at busstop nearest to Necessary Provisions. 

I am really loving Necessary Provision's interior. I love the vibe that it exudes - the simplistic dark walls, clean design and a huge round communal table with heaps of magazines at the center of it. It also has a relatively quiet environment as compared to several other cafes that I had been to. Unlike the chitty chatty vibrance that you get at crowded cafes, this cafe lets you have some quiet me-time to yourself with a necessary cup of coffee and a magazine or a book.

Their Flat White was good and smooth.

Hot chocolate $6
Such neat art which I fell in love with when this cup of hot chocolate arrived at my table. The hot chocolate was smooth, rich and not overwhelmingly sweet. 

Beef pastrami, Brie and whole grain mustard $9

There was nothing much to rave about this and it tasted pretty ordinary. It was not an effortless task to eat this with a knife as the bread itself was hard. It would be more delightful if more cheese was given.

Savoury french toast with salt and pepper (not in the menu) $5
The toast was fluffy and evenly covered with egg. There was nothing fanciful about it, just french toast sprinkled with salt and pepper. 

They have an all-day menu and a dinner menu (from 6pm onwards). Their menu is rather limited so do not  expect the usual brunch food sold at cafes for you will be disappointed.


Outfit of that day in August (lol):
I really love this cheery basic looking flowery dress but it is kinda short and makes me look pregnant. But that's okay because I think I will be able to wear still wear this as a top comfortably when I am heavily pregnant in the future (that is, if I ever am) lol! 

Have a happy week ahead!


Necessary Provisions
Eng Kong Park, 21 Eng Kong Terrace

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