Friday, 17 January 2014

SPR.MRKT @ McCallum Street

SPR.MRKT is located just minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It has a quaint-looking entrance and a simple and clean ambience. Their only menu is beside the counter (it was a little awkward standing there while figuring out what we wanted to order) and you order your food at the counter so there is no service and gst charge. 

Besides daily specials and an all-day breakfast menu, they also sell things you can find in the kitchen but they come with a hefty price tag.

Cafe Latte $5
I love the latte art but the coffee was lacking in taste and aroma. It was not thick enough. 

 Cafe Mocha $6
This tasted better than the cafe latte. There was a distinct taste of chocolate with the right amount of milk and espresso. This was on the sweet side.

Hot Chocolate
This tasted closest to milk chocolate (rather than white or dark chocolate). My friend commented that this was too milky for her liking and it tasted rather sweet too.

Eggs Florentine $14
This is the same as Eggs Royale except that there's no smoked salmon.

Eggs royale $17
I had this because I love smoked salmon to bits. This was a star combination. The hollandaise sauce tasted buttery and addictive and the spinach buried underneath went well with the salmon, muffin and egg. The poached eggs, although sufficiently runny, were a disappointment. Their texture resembled that of soft boiled eggs and it was the same with every dish we ordered that had poached eggs in it. 

Ham, Cheese, Mushroom Omelette
 I think it'll be too gelat for one person to entirely finish it as the entire dish is almost made up of eggs. The friends commented that their omelette was a tad salty. 

Truffle fries $12
This was a little salty too but so delicious! The delectable aroma of the truffles wafted through the air when it arrived at our table and I was instantly seduced by it. The truffle flavour was evenly spread so there was delight in every mouthful. SPR.MRKT version of truffle fries is topped with fine grated cheese and kelp. 

Flourless Chocolate Cake 
I won't recommend you to have this but I am loving the cracks on top which had a crisp texture to it. I prefer Awfully Chocolate's rendition as this tasted ordinary to me.

It is certainly a wonderful place to chill because there is not many patrons on a Monday evening so it is rather peaceful and quiet. Service was wonderful and I like how they make it an effort to ask for feedbacks. 

I'll recommend you to try their Truffle Fries and Eggs Royale but don't expect perfect poached eggs. 

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