Monday, 24 February 2014

Dinner at Five and Dime

After the field trip at Old Jurong Railway on Saturday for one of my elective module (DD3008), I met up with CC for dinner and we were really hungry as it was already late evening. We dropped by Toby Estate but were told that there were only pastries and coffee available as their kitchen closes at 6pm. Then, we realized that Five and Dime is nearby and I have been wanting to try their food after seeing so many posts on Instagram so we went there for dinner instead.

Five and Dime is located just beside the main road and its relatively huge and brightly lit signboard is easy to spot so there is no way you can get lost when you are walking along the main road.

There is a bar counter too although the ambience resembles nothing like a bar. I love how brightly lit the environment is because it also means it is conducive for photo-taking and I like to see what I eat heehee.

Salmon Rocket $15
Gosh I love this!! Well, it might also be because I was too hungry. 5 generous slices of flame torched salmon sashimi wrapped with argula leaves, with wasabi mirin dressing. I couldn't taste any wasabi in the dressing though. I really love the torched flavour of the salmon sashimi (definitely on my list of favourite food) and it went really well with the flavoursome dressing of the salad. 

yum yum! Recommended! Some people eat this as a main. How can you be full from eating this?! I can't understand haha.

Flat White $6
Their Flat White was decent but not the best I had tried.

Matcha Latte $7
I could feel a heavy powdery texture after I took my first sip which wasn't very pleasant. The matcha flavour was strong on this one. My only gripe was the powdery texture, and I think I might prefer this to Starbuck's version. It would be perfect if it was hotter too.

Fish & Chips $20
Battered shark catfish fillets served with hand cut fries. The fries were really unique. They were covered in the batter used for the fish and the batter was so crispy and thin. The fries did not taste like the typical french fries. They looked like fresh potato strips covered with batter. Instead of the usual kind of fish used in fish & chips, here they use catfish fillets. Some of the fish were soft and slightly mushy while the rest scored right in terms of texture. They also went very well with the tartar sauce which tasted slightly different from the typical tartar sauce. I am guessing it might be because they use japanese mayonnaise and also added egg? As the fish and chips were deep-fried, they were a little oily. 

Mentaiko pasta $18
Finally tried the highly raved mentaiko pasta! Spaghetti tossed in creamy mentaiko topped with more cod fish roe. It had a fishy taste due to the cod fish roe. I find that it is better to share among 2 as the dominating flavour for the pasta is only the mentaiko so it may be gelat to finish the whole plate by yourself.

 Lastly, service was friendly and I appreciated that! 

It was a satisfying meal with CC and certainly worth the journey although it was one of our most (if not most) expensive cafe adventures to date. 

You know there are quite a number of articles on the internet revealing that women tend to gain weight when they are in a relationship according to surveys etc? Well, it is true!! I used to be skinny before I met CC and he has been diligently helping me to gain weight steadily (still not stopping) since then. Eating is literally one of our favourite hobbies. I guess it's okay because I'm enjoying it. After all, eating is a blessing right.


Five and Dime
297 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238338

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