Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Eggs & Berries - Westgate

After much hesitation, CC and I settled for Eggs & Berries for brunch last Wednesday before heading to Jcube for an ice-skating session because we had complimentary tickets. It was CC's first time on the ice rink and he looked like some baby learning to walk lol.

Eggs & Berries is an American dining concept that serves a wide array of all-day breakfast items ranging from egg benedicts, egg omelettes, pancakes and waffles. If you're not a brunch person, you can check out some mains that they have on their menu.

I wanted to try Eggs & Berries because their menu looks promising and I am always attracted by their cheerful coloured chairs whenever I walked past the cafe. 

At first we sat outdoors but afterwards, there was a really bad stench of the drain(?) or fertilizer (???) at the first level which was really overwhelming. The manager (?) offered to switch tables for us and so we moved inside. It was quite narrow but cozy as I was sitting at the sofa seats by the corner.

Latte $5.50
The latte here was more bitter than usual. The level of sweetness was just right after we added a cube of sugar into it. It also brought out the flavour of the latte. I liked how the latte was served really hot so even after some time, it was still a pleasure to drink it. Most cafes serve their coffee moderately warm (probably due to the coffee art?) and it gets unpleasantly cold fast.

Eggs & Berries Eggs Benedict $16.90
Only the eggs were warm and the rosti was slightly warm if not cold. It did not taste like it was freshly made but had been there for a couple of minutes. Marche's version of rosti definitely tastes better although I liked that the rosti wasn't oily here. The egg benedicts were consistently runny. The moment I slitted open the delicate looking egg, the wonderful chunk of egg yolk flowed out perfectly. Besides that, I don't think there's anything to rave about.

Veal sausage & eggs $15.90
Everything wasn't served warm here except for the baked beans (which was quite unexpected as it was surprisingly hot!). Most savoury food taste better when served hot/warm so we were disappointed as it felt like they had been precooked or left there for some time. The scrambled eggs did not taste like the typical rendition of scrambled eggs. The texture resembled more like a failed version - something like scrambled eggs that were not cooked properly were being put and smashed up together (think egg mayo). The mini pancakes on the other hand had a rich buttermilk flavour. Salad was topped with some mayonnaise dressing.

We also had 2 free creme brulee for desserts because of their lunch promotion. They tasted average too. Creme brulee is normally served at room temperature but this was served chilled (probably) because they were all prepared beforehand. The custard was quite smooth and soft, in contrast with the layer of hard yet brittle and really sweet caramelized surface on top.

I won't be coming back any time soon as I feel that the quality of the food is not worth the money. Overall, the meal was a let-down. The menu certainly looks much more enticing and appetizing than the actual food items served. At least we gave it a try so now we know!


Eggs & Berries
#02-06, Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive

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