Friday, 7 March 2014

Saladworks @ JEM

Tuesday was spent with Wendy, my foodie partner. We met up to eat clean for once at Saladworks! Because it wasn't a filling meal for me, I ended up eating dinner early which was followed by supper *sigh*. I love my greens so I will try to eat salad more as they too can be delicious as well!

Look at the really neat salad and grill counter! 

Ambience is very casual. 

We had the student combo for $7.90 with soup and salad (I think there was a downsizing of salad portion though). There were 2 types of soup available - Pumpkin cheese and Tomato - so we had both to try. The tomato soup was so rich and cloying that after a few sips, we left it aside. The cheese flavour in the pumpkin cheese soup was rather subtle and we could not taste much of it. The pumpkin soup had a thick texture but it was not overwhelmingly rich. Eat the croutons fast because they will turn soggy when soaked in the soup!

Chicken Caesar Salad
I prefer this to Coffee bean's version. The last time I had chicken salad at Coffee bean, I had a hard time chewing on the shredded chicken which did not taste fresh at all and were so tough and dry. The chicken (breast?) at Salad Works tasted fresh and they were so darn tender!! The bread croutons were crispy too. We had italian vinaigrette dressing for this and it tasted acidic with a rather distinct flavour. I wished they gave more parmesan cheese though.

Turkey Club Salad
We had low fat ranch dressing for this and the taste was rather subtle yet sweet as compared to italian vinaigrette. The turkey was surprisingly tender too. The light-flavoured dressing was a great complement with the saltiness of the turkey bacon which made the whole salad more enjoyable. 

If you love salads, try out Saladworks! I hope I can try out more salad eateries soon :)

#02-19, Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road
Daily: 10:00am - 10:00pm


Casual outfit of the day. I wasn't prepared for this shot because while gazing into the distance for an ootd shot for a little longer than usual, I couldn't help but burst into laughter moments after this photo was taken. Btw, I got my neon green Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag for 80 cents (99% off teehee!). That was also my last time wearing the Topshop nude flats which were well used throughout its lifespan. The skin was already tearing off so I just had to let it go as it was beyond repair :(

With Wendy, my date of that day! Natural lightings are the best lightings for selfies!! No filter is needed and skin can still look good haha.

Did my nails too! Find out where here: 
I was trying to take a good picture using my new laptop case as a base and Lessie came to interrupt. I love the green and blue hues of the laptop case so much! It was given to me as a Valentine's day gift from the BF :)

Loving my nails, especially the glitters that sparkle! I cannot stop admiring it although I am not a fan of manicures.

After a while, Lessie got bored and he went to sit by himself.

Love you baby! Lessie has an instagram too. Follow him @lessietheshihtzu! The reason why you see many videos of him on his instagram is because I will like to archive these memories. It's such a joy to relive these memories over and over again and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Lessie is turning 11 on 2nd May. How time flies? I don't want him to leave me ever :( He has been with me since primary school and I really don't know what I will do without him. 

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