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The Entertainer App: Buy One Get One Free Deals

Some people have asked me after seeing my foodie updates on instagram.. Why do I always go out and eat good food since the impression that they have is that the food is expensive I supposed. Well.. the secret to it is.... spending wisely and spending smart HEHE!!

I bought The Entertainer app back in January and have been using it whenever I am out on dates with the bf! Because we are both not working but we love exploring food and new places to eat, we tend to have budget meals and that can happen in restaurants and cafes too because of the awesome 1-for-1 deals offered by The Entertainer app!

What is The Entertainer all about?
"The Entertainer Singapore is packed with over 1,150 buy one get one free offers for Singapore's hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. With 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit our partners more than just once or include your family and friends in the 1 for 1 fun. Also included is the Entertainer Travel Asia & Indian Ocean edition, which features over 380 free night offers for hotels and resorts throughout Asia & the Indian Ocean. The Entertainer Singapore 2014 could save you more than SGD 150,000 this year! Our research also shows that customers can make their money back after just 2 offers."

Why should you buy The Entertainer app?
- Go on budget meals with your friends/significant other/family by using the 1-for-1 deals! 
- You can share the app with your friends and family to lessen the cost by simply using the same login details. It doesn't mean that only you can exclusively own the app after purchasing it. 
- There are 3 1-for-1 offers by each merchant so you can go with 6 friends and only pay for the prices of 3 main courses!
- Don't know where to go and eat? You can view the 1-for-1 offers by location - wherever you are and whenever! For example, you can see XXX is 1km away from you.
- Check out how much you have saved and whether or not you have already redeemed the cost you paid for The Entertainer app.
- There are 120 buy 1 night get 1 night free hotel offers which are ideal for staycations! 
- Going on holiday? Check out offers that are free to members in several locations such as London and Hong Kong on The Entertainer Global app! 
- Besides all the offers listed in The Entertainer app, there are exclusive additional monthly offers (more food and activities 1-for-1 offers to choose from!!)
- You just need to redeem the offers via your mobile phone, no need for print outs. So easy and convenient!
- You can use the app 24/7, even on weekends except Public holidays.
- Do you dine out frequently? If you answer yes, you should totally get the app because the amount of savings you will save is crazy!! There're also takeout and delivery options available.

Here are the different categories that have 1-for-1 deals as well such as Food, Body, Kids, Leisure, Services and Travel! I am only going to elaborate about my favourite category which is the Restaurants and Bars because that's the section that interests me the most hehe.

The Entertainer app is available at $95. Before you get turned off by the price, think again!! I have already recouped back my savings. Plus, you can share the app with your friends. If you share with 1 friend or your partner, it's just $40+. But you get a 20% discount by using the discount code (read on!) so you get to save about $20!! That is a rather significant amount!

Check out my redemption history so far!

Some of the places I had been to:

2 drinks and 2 main courses - total damage was less than $30?! Read my review! I am totally going back!!

La Nonna:
2 main courses - total damage less than $30 too!! The food is rather expensive here so it is totally worth it.

Recently, I went to Extra Virgin Pizza.
Seafood Pizza ($26).

 Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza ($26) 
look at the generous serving of parma ham!! I love parma ham and it is so hard to find them at pizza joints.

super worth it?! I was so full after that because the pizzas are so huge for one person's portion.

3 people can share 2 pizzas and total cost is approximately $30 using the 1-for-1 offer. Each person only needs to pay $10 as compared to if you purchase them at full prices ($26+$26 x 17% service charge & gst =$55.64. 1 person pays $18.55 instead. That's almost twice the amount!)

One main course can add up to $30 after gst and service charge. After about 3 visits, you would have "gotten back" the money you paid for the app. After that, you can start to count your savings! If you think it is expensive, think again! There are over 990 offers to choose from so you will definitely start to save in no time if you have a habit of eating out, in restaurants especially. 

If you love bubble tea, Sharetea has 1-for-1 offers too and there are so many outlets everywhere!! Savings may not be huge but at least you saved some money!

Besides, you can redeem three 1-for-1 deals for each merchant, not just a one-time thing!! Imagine all the savings that you will potentially save!! It is economically viable to get the app because dining out in Singapore in a restaurant can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket so why not take advantage of the several 1-for-1 deals that will leave you spoilt for choice?

Some of my favourites that I had jot down so that I can go and use the 1-for-1 offers next time. I love Laksania's Laksa Goreng. BEST!!

What's on my list next? Department of Caffeine and Group Therapy!! I miss Department of Caffeine's waffles so I can't wait to go back there to savour their fluffy waffles at half price :P.

Not to forget, there're many participating fine dining establishments such as Au Petit Salut, The White Rabbit, Senso Ristorante and many more. You know how expensive fine dining can be so IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT to patronize them using the 1-for-1 deals.

The Entertainer app is going for $95. BUT.. GOOD NEWS, get 20% off The Entertainer app by keying in the discount code "@rachelays". The discount code is only valid till end April so before you forget, go buy it now! The earlier you buy, the longer you can use the offers!

Simply search the app on the app store, google play, blackberry world and samsung apps. The app is free for download so you can check out what good deals they have to offer before you purchase it. There are also some free trials for you to try before purchasing the app.

Get the app now before the offer ends! Remember to key in "@rachelays" when purchasing so that you will be entitled to the 20% discount :)

If you need more information, check out

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  1. Used the app and spend on restaurant like Bedrock and Fat Cow, you basically recovers the cost of purchasing the app.