Thursday, 13 March 2014

Toby's Estate @ Rodyk Street

I finally got to try out Toby's Estate after our first attempt failed. CC and I had made plans to go to Toby's Estate for dinner but we were told that their kitchen closes at 6pm on weekends even though they close at 10pm. What a waste! So we were back here for their brunch menu. 

The indoor seatings are mostly furnished with long communal tables and the afternoon heat made it unbearable to sit outdoors. We were lucky to secure seats at an individual table for 4 at the corner so I managed to take this shot. I love the ambience of this cafe. It has really high ceilings, is bright, spacious, and airy. 

Our table was just beside this charming bricked wall and it does make a good backdrop for artistic shots! There is also a really huge coffee machine behind our table which makes the place looks even more attractive.

Cafe Mocha $6
The cafe mocha had a good chocolatey taste and was pretty smooth. I also liked that they serve their beverages hot (instead of warm like most cafes) so it was really enjoyable to drink them even after some time. 

Gibraltar Latte $4.50
The BF wanted something strong so he was recommended the gibraltar latte which consisted of 2 espresso shots. We were told that Stranger's Reunion version of the gibraltar latte was Magic but after trying Magic, I find that they don't really taste similar. Toby's Estate's version was way more bitter and intense. It was too much for me to bear because it was too bitter.

Eggs Royale $16.50
I really like that extremely soft and fluffy brioche toast which was so enjoyable to have. The smoked salmon was not salty too and their classic hollandaise sauce tasted like a combination of egg yolk and butter.

Only one of the poached egg managed to flow perfectly while the other was slightly overcooked. 

Thank goodness we have a habit of sharing food because our next main only came after we finished the Eggs Royale.

Toby's Breakfast $18.50
The brioche toast was perfectly soft and fluffy as usual. What's unique about this was the espresso maple bacon which had a delightfully distinct taste of maple syrup although there was a strong lack of espresso flavour. I felt that the bacon was quite salty too. The scrambled eggs were very moist and slightly runny while the sauteed mushrooms were juicy and had a woody and earthy taste. The lightly sauteed(?) tomatoes were also bursting with juices, with delicately soft insides due to it being cooked. 

Overall, Toby's Estate is worth the visit. They serve good coffee too, which I feel is an essential in a cafe. Before the price turns you off, know that prices are nett! 

Outfit of that day. I really love this asymmetrical skirt but unfortunately it does not look very flattering on me :(


Toby's Estate
8 Rodyk Street, Singapore 238216


  1. What camera are you using and what apps are you using? Your pictures are amazing!