Tuesday, 1 April 2014

dfluffychef Cakes

Love cakes? Check out dfluffychef, a newly launched bakery with experienced bakers.

dfluffychef does made to order cakes currently which would be available for order on the their website.  Currently they have 8 different types of flavors for the new launch. 
- Apple a peach shortcake
- Strawberry Rose shortcake
- Chocolate banana ganache 
- Dark chocolate praline

These are their more popular flavors especially the dark chocolate praline which has a crunchy hazelnut praline base & dark chocolate ganache. 

You can find all this pretty cakes in the "Click a Cake" section on the website. Prices all includes delivery to 1 location and lead time would be 2-3 days only! 

dfluffychef has another concept - "d Big Picture cake" which will allow customers to personalize their decoration and allow them to print either an illustration or picture on top of a fondant plate which will then be placed on top of the cake :) Such cakes make good birthday cakes for loved ones, especially for your friends & family!

All prices include delivery so don't worry, there're no additional charges that will be incurred and you get your cakes delivered to your doorstep!

Quote "rachelays" to get 10% off your purchases.

For more information, check out www.dfluffychef.com

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