Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dim Sum at Spring Court Restaurant

Sunday's family brunch (last month oops!) was at Spring Court Restaurant. I had made a reservation with them at 1pm and arrived at around 1.12pm. When I reached, I was told by the lady who looked like she was the in-charge (manager maybe?) that I had to wait for 30 minutes as they were full. At around 1.25 pm, my parents came to join us after they had parked the car and my dad was a little pissed that we had to wait for so long. It did not make sense as we had already made a reservation in advance yet there was no warning that a grace period would not be given. It's like.. why do they need our mobile number if they do not even intend to give us a grace period or to call us and let us know that they won't be keeping the seats for us? So after my dad asked her (he wasn't even arguing with her, yet.), her tone changed and she said to wait a while as they were clearing the table. What?! Perhaps I looked rather soft-spoken and submissive when I spoke to her while my dad looked more dominant and so she decided to let us in after my dad enquired about it.

It was a bad start to our meal but thankfully, the rest of the day went well.

They have a second level seating too which I think houses the private dining rooms. It was quite noisy and chattery with groups of families dining together. It is quite hard to order if you are dining with just one person because there's a limit to how much food you can consume so you can't order a variety of food to try. As we were sitting near the entrance, the air-conditioner wasn't strong enough and it was so hot outside too. 

Other than the unpleasant experience by the front staff, there was no fault from the service provided by the waiters and waitresses who all displayed a friendly demeanour. 

Bamboo Fungus $4.80
I was quite hungry so I did not really take note of what this was but it tasted good! What tasted like fish maw outside was wrapped with chopped asparagus and the soft texture of the fish maw had absorbed the flavourful gravy with egg whites.

Banana Fritters $4.20
Really soft and moist banana fillings inside. Other than that, I find that there was nothing to rave about this dish. It was quite small too.

Chicken congee $3.80 / Fish congee $4.80
The congee was very lightly flavoured and the texture was not thick nor watery. The chicken tasted more like the frozen kind while fish was soft and tender. Overall, the congee here tasted average and wasn't worth getting. 

Fried Carrot Cake $4.80
There was the fragrance of the wok yet it did not taste like it had a burnt flavour. The beansprouts added a slight crunchy texture to overall dish. The radish cubes were larger than the typical ones sold outside. They were delicious and moist while not oily.

Assorted Seafood Mee Sua $18
This was separated into 5 small bowls by the waiter so I did not manage to snap a photo of the full plate of mee sua. The seafood tasted fresh but the taste of the mee sua did not manage to impress us. 

Pandan Custard Bun $3.80
I love the pandan flavoured bun which was really enjoyable to eat because of its additional flavour of pandan. They were quite unique as their buns were pandan-flavoured which made it more fragrant and it was also an interesting twist to the original plain custard buns. I notice that their portions are quite small as compared to other dim sum restaurants with comparable prices. Even their custard buns are mini sized. There was however a lack of salted yolk flavour and fragrance in their custard filling otherwise it would have been a perfect version of a modern and innovative liu sha bao.

Beijing Duck $0.85
Spend a certain amount (around $84) and get this beijing duck for only $0.85++! This was definitely worth it but what the waiter said was misleading as he told us that they would give us a duck free when we spend above $80. We had the duck chopped up for an additional cost of $5++. The duck meat was not very tender and the duck skin was not very crispy. The peking duck tasted average but enough to satisfy one's cravings. At only $0.85, it is definitely worth it!

Spring Court Popiah $6.80
Popiah is the signature dish of Spring Court and they even have a counter dedicated to making popiahs right beside the entrance of Spring Court where the popiahs are freshly made. The popiahs were rather spicy and tasted above average. The fillings were plentiful, with the typical popiah ingredients and some meat. Personally, I will not get this again as it did not wow me. 

Roasted Chicken Stuffed Prawn $22
This was really good but portion was a tad small. This dish consisted of a union of a layer of chicken  on top of a layer of stuffed prawn, which tasted very similar to the prawn pancake served at Ding Tai Fung. The layers of chicken and stuffed prawn were rather skinny and although it was a unique dish, I don't think that this was worth the $22++ paid. The chicken wing was also dry in texture.

Shanghai Dumplings XLB $4.20
Steady skin, flavourful broth and sufficient meat fillings - the essentials of a xiao long bao. However, I still prefer Ding Tai Fung's highly acclaimed version.

Vegetarian dumpling $3.80
Chewy, translucent crystal skin wrapped with boiled spinach - Simple but tasty.

Wanton Noodles $10
This was highly recommended by the waiter and manager but really, there was nothing special about this bowl of wanton noodles. What was different about this was that yee mee was used instead of the chinese thin noodles. The soup had a dark brown colour and had a heavy and slightly salty taste while the shrimp wantons tasted decent.

Mango Pudding $4
This was pre-prepared and served chilled. There was a lack of mango flavour and the milk custard tasted slightly acidic. It was a disappointment, certainly not worth the try.

Prices seem to be on the higher side given the small portions of their dim sums. If you love dim sum, you can give Spring Court Restaurant a try. If you're thinking of visiting Spring Court on weekends, don't forget to make a reservation.


Spring Court Restaurant
52 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058348

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