Friday, 16 May 2014

Mother's Day Lunch

Celebrated Mother's Day by giving the parents a treat at TCC as the dad needed to collect something at the IT mall.

scallop & baby crayfish baked rice was surprisingly good and it kinda tasted like risotto too.. super moist, I like!

Soft-shell crab with black pepper pasta - this was a new dish on the menu but the black pepper sauce was so overpowering that we all didn't like it :(

Matcha Azuki Delight - really soft matcha sponge but nothing to shout about

Kuro Goma Cheesecake - basically black sesame with cheesecake crust. My mom said it tasted like mooncake lol and it was too sweet too.

Matcha-zuki Latte - This had a really comforting taste but the red beans at the bottom were so sweet and the first few sips had a little powdery texture.

With mama

mama & papa


Outfit of the day.

Couldn't decide which background to use so I uploaded both. I am well aware that I suck at posing for ootd shots but at least I TRIED!

Brought Lessie for a quick exercise after we got home and he climbed 11 storeys (faster than me)! I was panting by the time we reached our flat but he did not seem to be tired aww!

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