Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Perfect365 - One-Tap Makeover

If you don't already know, Perfect365 is an amazing makeover app that you must try if you haven't found that one beautifying app that you really like. I don't use it to edit my photos and then publish them but they are rather fun to play with.  If you are a photoshop noob, forget about photoshop and try Perfect365 out! It's like the easiest way to make you look good by helping you to apply makeup on your photos.

There are a couple of steps involved but it is so user-friendly and easy to use. Basically, this app applies make-up on for you. Check out this example that I did.

First, select the photo that you want to edit with. Identify the key points so that the app can apply the make-up on for you and do the relevant photoshop (face slimming etc) by using the keypoints as a guide. The keypoints are used to identify your primary face features. Manually adjust them as needed. 

There are a variety of make-up styles for you to choose from and they will automatically apply the make-up on for you depending on the styles that you have chosen. Apply makeup the lazy one now hehe.

1) Ocean make-up; 2) Gleeful

3) Frosty; 4) Velvet

5) Silk; 6) Natural

Here are some of the looks that I had created.

This looks relatively fake. Unfortunately, the velvet makeup doesn't look good on me but look at the next one!

Natural makeup.
It doesn't really look like the makeup has been edited on right?!

After choosing your preferred style of make-up, you can click on "Edit" to further enhance your edited picture. When you click on "Skin", there are many options for you to choose from. You can remove your dark circles, remove blemishes, brighten your skin, soften your skin tone, add blush and so on!! The intensity of these effects can also be adjusted.

With the velvet makeup edited on me, I further softened my skin a little and added a little blush by adjusting its intensity.

I also created a fake nose bridge by selecting "Enhance Nose". I can finally have a prominent nose bridge!!!

You can also edit your eyes - enlarge it, add falsies to your upper and bottom lids, brighten your eyes and even add in contact lenses (colour of your choice!) This app is too good to be true!

Of course, I am aware that my example is a tad overboard (for the effect for this blog post) but you can always minimize the effect and create a more natural look.

Here's the end result. Actually I have no idea why I used the velvet makeup as an example because it makes me look like a tranny but that's not the point...

It is fun playing with this app even if you don't use it for posting purposes! Plus, it is also good to send your friend a picture of her overly edited picture and have a good laugh together ;) Hope you enjoy this post!

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