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[Review] Roosevelt's Diner & Bar - Outram Park

Lately, I've been seeing food posts on Instagram and that's how I got to know about Roosevelt's Diner & Bar. Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is a relatively new establishment. They have an extensive menu of wine, befitting of their name as a bar (by night). Prices are affordable and they have a really lovely ambience too. It is located at a strategic location just beside Outram Park's MRT Station so it is really convenient to go there by public transport. I can forsee that this is going to be a hot spot in no time, considering its location and the quality of food they pride themselves on serving.

I really love the ambience there, especially the rustic brick walls near the counter area. During the day, the natural sunlight shines through the glass panels and gives the whole place a vibrant look. By night, it has a bar-like setting, complete with dim settings to set the mood. Look at the teardrop (bulbs) ceiling lights. So pretty!

Flat White $4.80
Coffee was on the acidic side and I find that it wasn't sharp enough for me. It was an average cup of coffee, enough for a perk-me-up but honestly speaking, I'd recommend you to skip their coffee and try out their milkshakes instead.

Roosevelt's Salted Caramel Milkshake $8
Their milkshakes are on the pricier side but they are good to share as the serving size is large and filling.
 There was a good balance of salt and caramel flavours and the texture was wonderfully smooth and well blended. Every sip kept me wanting more. Roosevelt's milkshake certainly lives up to its name.

Spaghetti Bolognese $15
This was unlike any bolognese that I had tasted. The homemade meat sauce had a rustic and smokey flavour. There was plenty of minced meat to go with and the spaghetti was well-cooked.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $28 (Full)
Their baby back ribs are marinated twice overnight as part of their preparation. I had to carefully serve it onto my plate because the meat fell off the bone so easily. The sauce was sweet and the meat was surprisingly tender. The corn sides had a refreshing twist as mini cubes of cucumber were added into the mixture. If you love pork ribs, you've got to try this dish!

Southern Fried Chicken $18
Their fried chicken is marinated with fresh milk overnight. This was one of my favourite dishes that I had sampled. They were well seasoned, the skin was crispy, and the meat was tender and fell off the bone easily. My only gripe was that it was slightly salty for me. There were 2 sides for this - salad and a mashed combination of pumpkin, potato, and sweet potato which sounded dry but was surprisingly soft, moist, and tasty.

Eggs Roosevelt $17
We were recommended this because this dish is rather popular among diners. There was a really strong  flavour to the hollandaise sauce and personally, I wouldn't be able to finish it all by myself as I am not used to the robust flavour. This will be good to share so you can enjoy and appreciate the flavours of the dish better. 

The chorizo, which is a type of pork sausage, was sliced and scattered in the dish. The heavy taste of the chorizo did not clash with the overall flavours of the dish though. The smashed potato which made up a large bulk of the dish was moist and soft thanks to the sauce. 

Mixed Berries and Apple Crumble $8
We were told that the oats were fried and then baked together with the fresh apple slices. This is definitely not your typical apple crumple dessert. Although it was fried, it tasted healthy to me due to the taste of the granola oats. The soft and juicy apple slices, together with the generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream, were a great combination with the warmly baked crumble underneath. 

Even for 2 to share, the portion seemed huge too. 

If you are looking for a new haunt, check out Roosevelt's Diner & Bar. Be more adventurous and try their milkshakes! Thank you Amanda for the warm hosting. It was a lovely experience and I'll definitely be back!

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar
#01-02, Dorsett Residences, 331 New Bridge Road


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