Sunday, 15 June 2014

Food Outings

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, featuring some foodie outings I had. I am already feeling hungry as I am typing this T.T

Benjamin Brown with XL 

Crabmeat Linguine

Royale - Brioche, eggs benedict, smoked salmon

outfit of that day

You know the mum is crazy about cakes when she buys 8 at one go.

caramel cappuccino at Group Therapy after a hearty bowl of barachirashi.

Barachirashi at Hanare Japanese Restaurant, the sister outlet of Teppei. Their barachirashi is so popular that they decided to serve this at their other outlet too. I find it overrated and still prefer the one from The Sushi Bar.

Fat and juicy chunks of sashimi.. still worth the try to see what the hype is all about.

CC and I made a trip down to Standing Sushi Bar after visiting the Singapore museum. We joined the queue thinking that it would move fast but we ended up waiting for over 1.5hours. We were there on a Monday and they were having this promotion where we can get 5 slices of sashimi for $3. Because we waited for so long, we almost wanted to get at least 35 slices but luckily we only ordered 30 slices. All the slices were already cut beforehand and they simply took out the plate from the fridge and served it to us. Cheap thrills though!

Salmon handroll with avocado. Still prefer The Sushi Bar's version! We also had garlic fried rice which was pretty good too.

Finally got to wear this Topshop romper out! It's my most expensive Topshop buy to date and I kinda regretted buying it as I don't think it really suits me :(

Another one at the museum~ ootd experts need to teach me how to pose. I try not to look awkward in all my ootd shots /sigh.

Chicken combo and kimchi soup at Bonchon Chicken. There is something highly addictive about Korean fried chicken!! I AM IN LOVE.

ootd taken at Haji Lane. Loving the various graffitis on the walls. We passed by Starbucks and saw their new drinks - Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was quite thirsty so I tried their Tiramisu drink and it was surprisingly good!


Exactly 2 more weeks to Hong Kong. Wow!! I bought the tickets all the way back in January.. and just like that.. 6 months nearly flew past. What have I been doing these past 6 months?!

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