Sunday, 22 June 2014

Review: Super/Luxury Barbie Contact Lenses

Quite some time ago last year, I got these Barbie contact lenses to try as they were on sale for $10 online. I can't remember the exact model (Luxury or Super). I'm guessing that the diameter is 15mm-16mm.

inner side of the lenses

outer side of the lenses

I did not wear these lenses out because they are too big for my Asian eyes. I couldn't stand how I look with those contact lenses without makeup. Before I threw them away (thankfully they are not expensive!), I decided to take some pictures with them and do a review. 

Although the lenses are brown, they look more like dark brown on my eyes when worn.

I posted this photo on Instagram but I beautified it with Perfect365 (you can see the difference between the Before & After lolol. (Folks, that is why you should never trust what you see on the Internet)

They look too fake on me and the brown color (although it looks rather light by itself) is quite subtle on my dark brownish black eyes.

Enlarging effect: 5/5
Comfort: 1/5
After about 10 minutes of wearing, I realized that there was a red rim "imprinted" around my eyeballs. It was just a mere 10 minutes and my poor eyes were already experiencing the lack of oxygen, resulting in red blood vessels surrounding my pupil. Well, my contact lenses could be fake since they are so cheap. Who knows? Besides that, I could consciously feel that I was wearing something too big for my eyes (as though something was covering way too much of my eyeball).

If you are looking for something natural, don't pick the Barbie series because they have really large diameter and can make you look like you've got the devil eyes if you have small eyes or even average sized eyes (especially without makeup). If you've got big eyes to begin with, you can try this out! For me, I now prefer wearing contact lenses with a smaller diameter so that my eyes can breathe better and they will look more natural too so the Barbie lens is a no-no for me.

Here's another *act cute* picture to end the post! I apologize for the bare face. Gotta try complementing the "Barbie" lenses so don't mind the feeble attempt at acting cute heez.

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