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Hong Kong Trip Day 1

My first trip to Hong Kong was a school trip with Ngee Ann Poly and we were there for 3 days only. This was my second trip so I decided to stay there for at least 7 days. CC and I booked the tickets way back in January when Scoot was having a promotion. Actually Scoot always have promotions so it doesn't really make a difference. I am always very excited about traveling so it was hard for me to contain my excitement especially when my trip at that point of time was 6 months away *gasp*. I did plenty of research on where to go and eat. We decided not to go to Macau since the thing that excites us the most about Macau is the bungee jump. The hefty price tag was the main reason that was stopping us and I wasn't not mentally prepared for it too. Somehow, I think I am afraid of heights but I love thrilling rides and am absolutely willing to take them probably because I feel secured and safe.

We arrived at Hong Kong airport early in the morning and our first stop was Tsui Wah Restaurant! Tsui Wah is a very popular restaurant in Hong Kong with an exploding amount of outlets islandwide but I don't see what the fuss is all about. Everything tasted average and the hot milk tea was really disappointing. Isn't Hong Kong famous for their milk tea?

cute cup though

Hongkongers really love their macaroni and ham. They are available in every cha chaan teng!

Our very first condensed milk bun in Hong Kong and ham macaroni that didn't wow us. What a disappointing first time.. at an established cha chaan teng.

Don't bother to jot down the address of Tsui Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong because they are EVERYWHERE. I always manage to chance upon a Tsui Wah outlet everywhere I go.


After breakfast, we headed to our hostel at Yau Ma Tei. Accommodation in Hong Kong is expensive and we are on a tight budget trip so we try to save as much on accommodation as we can.
We compensated our tiredness and sleepless night when we reached the hostel by snoozing for 1.5 hours after which we were charged and all ready to conquer the first day.

let's go!!

While searching for Argyle Centre (i think our eyes got stamp because we couldn't find Argyle Centre even though it was right in front of our eyes lol. Thinking of it makes me feel dumb) and going around Mongkok area in circles, we decided to curb our hunger with street food - curry fishballs!! We wasted $5 on this because they didn't taste good.. probably the worst tasting curry fishballs we've ever had :/

 When we finally stepped foot into Argyle Centre, we bought Cold noodles immediately. It costs around $2 for a packet and you can choose whatever ingredients you want to mix inside. Cheap thrills! It is so fuss-free and simple, yet so delicious!

 After some shopping (I didn't buy anything :(), we headed over to Hui Lau Shan (許留山) for a break as it was drizzling.
Just like Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hui Lau Shan is everywhere. You don't even need to specially search for it if you want to try it. Don't be fooled by the picture, the portion of the desserts is really small! Their mangoes are really sweet though. This is worth the try.

When the rain subsided, we went over to Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳) to try their pineapple buns as my research informed me that Kam Wah Cafe has one of the best pineapple buns.

We shared tables with an old couple who suggested that we try their fried Singapore noodles because they were having it and we told them that we are Singaporeans. Everything on the menu is in traditional chinese so it is quite hard for us to read, much less order. Verdict? Their pineapple buns (order them with a thick slab of butter!!) are certainly the best that I've tried in Hong Kong! After a few tries of Hong Kong style milk tea, I also realized that their milk tea is not at all sweet and the milk taste is stronger while in Singapore, the tea taste is stronger.

Crusty egg tart is my kind of egg tart.

Pork Chop Bun which tasted mediocre. The saving grace of this meal was the awesome pineapple bun. It was a pity we didn't have the time to go back to do a takeaway.

After lunch, we explored Mong Kok. The summer heat in Hong Kong is really merciless. 

 Ladies Market (女人街) in Tung Choi Street - Nothing much, just a tourist-infested area with many fakes and occasionally overpriced goods.

Temple Street. I was expecting stalls of street food here but instead, there are many eateries. Temple Street is mostly alive at night and there aren't many things to see unless you're looking for souvenirs and gifts.

Here's an outfit of the day shot while searching for a place to have dinner.

We couldn't spot any promising eateries at Temple Street to dine at so we approached a local who then recommended us to have grilled fish at 修哥魚鍋烤魚店 (Xiu Ge Yu Huo Kao Yu Dian) - basically an eatery that specializes in grilled fish.

 We had the spicy fish and it was so good!! I'd say, this is one of the most enjoyable meals we had in Hong Kong :) Upon leaving, we scanned around briefly and it seemed like we were the only foreigners there. Good sign because only the locals truly know where all the good food are, right?

On our way back to our hostel, we spotted yet another Hui Lau Shan so we got a mango smoothie which ain't cheap but it was so yummy and naturally (I hope..) sweet!! LOVE IT.

Day 2 will be up soon!

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