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Hong Kong Trip Day 2 - Ocean Park

Day 2 - Ocean Park (30/6)

Breakfast was at Yee Shun Milk Company (義順牛奶公司) before we headed to Ocean Park.

Gong Zai mian - basically maggi noodles and some pieces of pork toppings on top.

The usual egg, ham, and macaroni soup. We wanted to order scrambled eggs but we didn't know what it's called in chinese (how embarrassing). We thought we ordered that but what that came was...

this! It wasn't too bad because the egg yolk was runny and I kinda liked it.

The really famous milk pudding! It's quite good. The texture is very smooth and it melts in your mouth but for me to finish it all by myself, it is quite a scary feeling as I don't really appreciate the taste of "pure" milk.

After a hearty HK-style breakfast, we made our way to Ocean Park. 

I specially chose to go Ocean Park on a Monday because I thought it would be the least crowded but I was so wrong. It was so crowded that I could barely breathe! Everyone was so impatient and there were lots of pushing and squeezing especially in confined areas.

Before we arrived at Ocean Park, the weather was forecasted to be raining but it didn't. The lovely summer weather got us sunburnt instead.

Our first stop was The Grand Aquarium. This was taken when we were on the escalator leading to The Grand Aquarium.

As we were nearing the entrance... a gust of wind blew across our faces while I snapped a photo hastily and that explained my unkempt hair.

Grand Aquarium

Lazy panda at the Giant Panda Adventure.

balls of Pandas for sale 

The reason why we took this photo was because.. I found someone who looked like he could take good photos so I asked him to help us take a photo as we did not have any "proper" photos together at the park yet. It turned out nice yeah?

We took the ocean express up to the summit because there was a long queue for the cable car.

Whirly Bird ride at Adventure Land.

We only managed to catch the Dolphin Encounter show at the Ocean Theatre due to the lack of time.
Lunch was overpriced theme park food - corn dog and hot dog bread while we enjoyed the dolphins' and seals' performances.

I'm not sure if the dolphins are happy doing all these stunts but.. at least they get their rewards (food) after they do a stunt.

one of the dolphins "saving" the drowning performer. Aww!

This dolphin was doing a somersault out of the water!

The dolphins could even wave goodbye to us using their tails. So smart!

We also managed to take a (dangerous) selfie on the Raging River ride while the cart was being ascended. Good job CC. 

so many cute penguins at the South Pole Spectacular.

Artic fox den. We could only spot one fox though.

Some time after we left the North and South pole encounters where the areas are really cool due to the strong airconditioning, CC said, "let's go back to the North pole" whenever the heat got too hot to bear lol.

That day was the hottest day ever. It felt like it was 40 degrees and we couldn't stop sweating. Bottled water costs SGD$4+ there and everytime we bought a bottle of water, we could feel the pinch. Ouch! We also gave in to temptation and bought a sundae which was the cheapest item there for SGD$4+ too. At least I took a decent photo to commemorate that moment..

Ocean park's outfit of that day - muscle tee, skorts, and my trusty pair of New Balance. 

Hair Raiser at Thrill Mountain was one of the best rides we had taken there. I really love thrilling rides!

We only managed to take this once but we took the front seats so we left with no regrets. This ride is strategically positioned at the edge of the summit so the view is breathtaking.

selfie while queuing up for Hair Raiser :D

Loving this themepark scene and all the lovely colours.

with my loved one

Here's another ride that I enjoyed too - The Flash. It was the first ride we rode when we reached the summit. We sat this at least thrice!

It was approaching evening and we were famished so we decided to get this grilled squid because it smelled really good.

us with our half-eaten grilled squid

We took the cable car down and it was such an unforgettable experience. CC couldn't stop whining and shrieking when he was in it. It was by far the scariest ride we had taken in Ocean Park. I am not sure if it is the tiny size of the cable car or the opened windows that makes the experience scary. Throughout the cable car ride, it felt like my heart was in my mouth and I occasionally imagined the cable car dropping wtf -_-.  As much as I would love to stick my camera out to snap a decent shot of the stunning evening landscape, I couldn't muster that courage. This was the best I could capture.

Our last ride at Ocean Park was the Merry-Go-Round.


Dinner was at Yung Kee Restaurant 香港鏞記酒家 (32-40 Wellington Street, Central MTR).
I had read up online that their century eggs are top-notch so we ordered them. They are the most expensive century eggs I've ever eaten and also the best. Even though they left a funny aftertaste in my mouth, I love how the yolks were soft and runny. I've never liked century egg yolks but these were too good to be missed.

Finally.. our first try on roasted goose from the highly acclaimed michelin-starred restaurant! Roasted goose tastes like a mix of duck and chicken meat, except that goose meat is more tender than duck meat. The meat was succulent and so yummy.

The yang-zhou fried rice was a miss. This plate costs around SGD$20 and it was quite disappointing as it tasted rather dry.

Actually, there are many cheaper and yummy alternatives around so the next time I go Hong Kong, I will give Yung Kee a miss as I have already tried their roasted goose.

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