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Hong Kong Trip Day 3 - Disneyland

Day 2 Hong Kong

Day 3 Hong Kong (31/6)

We found a hole in the wall dim sum eatery near Yau Ma Tei to fill our stomach because Mido Cafe was closed. Service was surprisingly friendly here but the liu sha bao was so bad that we barely finished 1.

I love how Hong Kong is so easily accessible by their efficient MTR lines. Even Disneyland has its own MTR station, complete with mickey-shaped windows, mickey handrails, and even velvety cushioned seats!

Disneyland, a place that reeked of commercialization and exorbitant price tags, is still a lot of fun to me probably because I did not manage to comb the whole place the first time I was there. I love it when the song "A Whole New World" starts playing! The melody is beautiful and it makes me feel like I am reliving my childhood. The beautiful fireworks never cease to amaze me too.

Our first ride was the Space Mountain ride which is a really cool indoor rollercoaster. Selfie while queuing up..

 I love the visual effects of this ride! Even though this wasn't my first time taking the ride, I was still impressed by the beautiful galactic visuals.

Spot me! Hehehe.. I maintained this pose and smiled throughout the ride because I wasn't sure when the photo would be taken. When it did, I couldn't react fast enough so I didn't manage to look into the camera.

This was our 2nd attempt at a perfect shot.  CC told me to sit at the last row so that we would not be blocked by the words. Well, at least my face could still be seen. And yes... I succeeded!!!

We went to Stitch Encounter next and I didn't know that the show was in Cantonese until it started. CC knew but said nothing -_-. I almost wanted to leave halfway because I couldn't understand what the jokes were about. Stitch struck a conversation with this chinese dude who said he couldn't speak Cantonese and Stitch went like, "Then why are you in this session?!" and everyone broke out into laughter.  ;_;

overpriced fried chicken and fish fillet burger for lunch ^_^

teacup-ride-queue selfie

At the dizzy-cup ride

 There was nobody queuing up to take photos with the cluster of cutesy balloons and when I went over for a picture, this little boy walked towards me with longing eyes as if I had stolen all his balloons. Oh well.. the woes of not being a kid anymore in Disneyland...

 Along the main streets of U.S.A.

minnie ears hairband! There were so many people wearing it.
Also, I decided not to crop out the woman in the background...

 Shortly after we took the fun Runaway Mine Cars at Grizzly Gulch, it started pouring. As a result, we didn't manage to watch the lion king show :(

I didn't know that our shoes can glow in the dark! Cool or cool?

We finally spotted some mascots and the Disney experience is never complete without photos taken with Disney characters. 
With the girlfriend of Donald Duck, Daisy Duck.

When it was our turn, Winnie the pooh only interacted with me and the photographer said, "her boyfriend is beside!". HAHAHA. I was literally taken aback when Winnie leaned towards me for a smooch and I ended up kissing Winnie's nose -.- Although I didn't like that, it's nice of the mascots to make an effort to interact with the guests.

Winnie likes me!

 Goofy, the anthropomorphic dog.

Pluto the cheeky dog. He pushed our heads towards him while the photo was being taken. 

Happy us!

We saw minnie and mickey mouse when we entered Disneyland but gave the photo-taking opportunity a miss because the queue was long. Thankfully, I saw them again although they were not in their original costumes. This was the BEST photo that the assistant photographer took for me. All the other photos were blur :(

Good job mascots!! It is definitely not an easy job but you guys have the ability to put a smile on so many of our faces. Thank you all ^^

Flying Jumbo ride~

No, I didn't pick pink because of the colour but because pink jumbo was the nearest to the exit lol.

CC couldn't stop chewing gum wherever we went. Is it THAT nice?! 

I realized that we didn't take a single photo at the entrance or right in front of the castle so we quickly took some before the sky darkened further. I love this shot! 

 If only the woman in grey wasn't in it... But still thank you to whoever helped us with these photos!! He even squatted down to take so that the castle would be in the frame. Thank you!!!

 Hungry us went to get Mickey waffles to curb our hunger before we explored more of Disneyland.

Thankfully I insisted that we explored further around because.. WE FOUND..
Toystory land! I was so surprised as it was a whole new unseen world for us. We didn't have the map so I didn't know what we had missed out.

 The best ride there!! The RC Racer - a U-shaped coaster.

I love this place!! It is so beautifully lit during the night. Seeing these colours lift up my mood.

 Last ride of that day - Mystic Manor!! It is a magneto-electric carriage ride and I thoroughly enjoyed all the visuals and physical effects.

I didn't take much pictures of the fireworks as I took a video of it but I couldn't find it in my memory card ;_; They were gorgeous just like the last time I saw them. Too beautiful!

After Disneyland, we went to Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum  點點心點心專門店 (112 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok MTR) for a late dinner. All the dishes we ordered were their specialities. 

 Our favourite dish - fried beancurd with shrimps, wrapped in chee cheong fun skin.

Here's a rather unique dim sum that we ordered - fried brinjal. Yum!

piggy custard buns.

Their pineapple (polo bun) bun had pineapple fillings in it! They were not as crisp as the ones from Kam Wah Cafe though. I still prefer Kam Wah Cafe's pineapple buns. They are the best!

Day 3 and this was the first dim sum meal we had in Hong Kong and it was such an enjoyable one. 

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum has many awards and features. It is a must-go if you go to Hong Kong because their dim sum is really good.

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  1. Omgg all these posts are making me miss Hong Kong so much!!
    You and your boyfriend are so cute, looks like you guys had such a great time at Disneyland!!
    The food looks delicious as well, Dim sims everywhere else just doesn't compare to HK :P