Wednesday, 27 August 2014

22nd Birthday

I think blogging is a great way to record down your memories. It is also the reason why I love taking photos so as to capture these memories down as I do not exactly have a good memory lol.

So I finally turned 22 1.5 months ago! It seems like I just turned 21 not long ago. Time seems to pass really fast during our teenage years, and even faster when we are older.

Here's how I spent my birthday with CC. I love that we're people who appreciate and love food and we are always willing to try out new places.

Lunch was at Tomi Sushi as we were both craving for bara chirashi and we wanted to give this establishment a try too.

I don't know how The Sushi Bar does it but so far, the chirashi from Sushi Bar is still my favourite and it is value for money too.

give me all the sushi!!!

I was still feeling quite hungry so we went to Marco Marco for some pasta after that by utilizing The Entertainer app. My stomach wasn't feeling well that day so I wasn't sure if I was still hungry or not. You know that feeling when your stomach is growling but it is most probably not because you are hungry? Well.. we went ahead anyway!

Aglio olio.. I can definitely cook better than this.

tandoori chicken pasta.. CC gave up eating halfway while I persevered on. Did you see the comic illustration of a couple circulating online? The girl takes a mouthful of the food and the guy has to finish up everything. Well.. for me it is quite the opposite lol.

After Marco, we got Cookies for Sid to try and they were pretty yummy.

Outfit of that day with my new kicks. Everything except the bag was bought from Hong Kong.

my date

Dinner was at Happy Mookata which was also CC's first mookata experience. Happy Mookata is at Golden Mile Tower which is located just beside Golden Mile Complex. The mookata tastes average but it sure is value for money as it is a buffet.

Such a sinful dinner!


Day 2 outfit with my other pair of kicks from Hong Kong. I love this pair so much!

Dinner was at Dancing Crab because I love crabs!!! 

I love the fuss-free concept of eating everything with your hands while donning a disposable apron.

Lobster roll with brioche buns. Yummy but not value for money.

It was a messy but enjoyable affair with the love of my life (which could mean both the seafood and CC hehe).

This pretty much sums up how I spent my birthday with lots of food (as usual) *smacks lips*

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