Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Clementi Mall (II)

So I was back at Clementi Mall to get my portable charger. I've got a couple of portable chargers at home but they spoil easily (probably because they are brandless) so I decided to get a new one from Valore.

Valore is by Challenger. Valore sells lifestyle products such as laptops, mobile phone accessories, memory cards and more!

I love how they categorize their products based on colours so it is easy to scan through the products I want based on my colour choice.

They even dedicated a corner for lovers of pink.. Pink mouses, portable chargers, phone covers.etc.

They're having sales right now so check them out before it ends! 

I got a 6000mAh power bank in a stunning shade of orange at 20% off because my dad is a member hehe.

Perfect for travels.

The basement of Clementi Mall is mainly F&B. There are light bites and snacks, fast food restaurants and casual eateries which are all wallet-friendly especially for students (like me).

They've got Fairprice Finest too! Treat yourself to a gourmet homemade meal with your loved one(s) by going grocery shopping together ;)

If you've got kids, check out the 5th level of Clementi Mall. They've got a mini indoor playground that will keep the young ones occupied.

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