Friday, 19 September 2014

CC's Birthday

Last month, I brought CC to Chabuton for a simple birthday meal as we both love Japanese food.

We had lunch at Chabuton, which is by Michelin-starred chef Yasuji Morizumi. 

Their ramen was decent but their egg yolk wasn't runny and the pork belly would have tasted better if it was more tender. I still prefer Ippudo and wouldn't queue for Chabuton.

For dinner, we went to Shinzo Japanese Restaurant for their Omakase dinner. It was our first omakase together too. Shinzo is currently having an early bird omakase promotion and it is worth it if you're on a low budget and will like to try out omakase.

 First up, lobster salad.

 Oyster with cheese.

One of my favourites! Assorted sashimi - salmon, herring fish roe (such an interesting texture), aburi swordfish, scallop, and yellowtail fish.

Salmon swordfish with asparagus

Fried breaded salmon and oyster 

 Fried brinjal with miso sesame sauce that had a rather overwhelming taste.

Nigiri sushi~ Definitely one of my favourites and I was looking forward to this course. There's  yellowtail, foie gras with swordfish, unagi, uni with fish roe, minced tuna with mentaiko.

Last but not least, wagyu beef slice with japanese noodles. I actually liked the soup and the noodles were so smooth! The beef was so yummy too. It was a pity I was unable to finish this as I had snacked an hour plus ago before this meal :/ The glutton in me needs to be contained.

The #followmeto project by Murad Osmann is genius! This was a test shot actually but since it turned out pretty decent, I decided to post it.


Outfit of that day.

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