Monday, 20 October 2014

[Outfit] Lee Cooper Lookbook Singapore

I was back at Lee Cooper again to pick my second outfit. This time round, I chose a denim buttoned down shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

Check out how I matched my first Lee Cooper outfit here.

With my denim loots~

I was contemplating between getting this plaited shirt and the denim shirt but decided to go with the latter as it is easier to complement with my outfits.

This denim shirt can be worn in many different ways, which makes it so versatile! The soft and light material of this denim shirt makes it easy for me to wrap it around my waist. The lightweight material also makes it comfortable to wear in Singapore where it is summer all year round.

I paired it with my navy blue bodycon dress for a more harmonized look. I think it will also look good with boyfriend jeans or a bright/light coloured bottoms for a more contrasting look.

I also used it as an outerwear and folded up the sleeves for a more casual look.

I chose this pair of dark denim bottoms as I adore the subtle frays of the denim shorts. The frays can be hidden by folding the bottom of the shorts thrice for a mini denim shorts look. I prefer to fold it once so that the frays are visibly noticable with the contrasting shades of denim. Alternatively, I can also unfold it for a "longer" look as the fold is not sewn onto the denim.

Here is how I matched my denim shirt and denim shorts together.

Totally digging this look! If I feel cold, I can simply put on the denim shirt besides using it as an accessory for the waist.

I paired it with a basic black top and simple neck accessory so that the attention remains on the denim shirt and shorts. 

This outfit is definitely suitable for Singapore's weather.

Thank you Lee Cooper for the outfits!
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Lee Cooper is located at 227, Orchard Road, #02-17, Orchard Gateway. Visit their retail outlets and do some shopping now!

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