Monday, 10 November 2014

Review: Toss & Turn by Cedele

I've been trying to eat clean lately so it led me to explore more salad establishments. After hearing some good reviews from friends about Toss & Turn, I decided to try it out. I will usually pass by Toss & Turn whenever I am at the food basement of Ion Orchard but I never thought of trying it out as I've never been a salad person. I'm so glad that I finally tried Toss & Turn out!

We had a set meal which includes a small bowl of mushroom soup and a regular portion of salad for $12.50. A regular portion of salad by itself costs $9.80.

Here's the salad I had created. There are 2 portions available - small and regular - and I got the regular portion. Based on my last experience, I had the large salad at Sumo Salad and I was only 80% full (-.-) so I got the regular portion at Toss & Turn instead of the small. I had a mixture of pasta noodles and vegetables as my salad base. Included in this regular portion is a salad base, 2 proteins and 4 types of vegetables/fruits/crunchy. For my 2 proteins, I had smoked salmon and roast chicken. For the rest of the ingredients, I chose cherry tomatoes, corns, egg and croutons. Dressing was the standard caesar. 

The caesar's dressing had a rather strong smell and the taste was quite heavy too. I am not sure if the pasta had largely affected how filling this meal was because it was the first time I couldn't finish my salad. The croutons had a slight burnt taste but it was really crispy. The roast chicken was tender but dry, but the yummy and value-for-money smoked salmon made up for it. I love how they make great complements to salads!

Overall, the salad is really value for money because we get to choose 2 types of proteins and they are rather generous with the portions too.

The BF had smoked salmon and prawns. There were 5 prawns and they were fresh with a soft yet not mushy texture. The pineapples tasted fresh and juicy too.

Even the BF spent an hour finishing his meal and he almost couldn't finish it too (before we had our meal, he was saying how salads are not filling meals haha).

We were there on a Friday for lunch and there was a long queue. It doesn't help that the queue moves very slowly. If you love salads, you should try Toss & Turn. If only they have an outlet in the West! As compared to other salad bars, Toss & Turn definitely has one of the best salads around.


Toss & Turn
Opening hours: 11:00am to 10pm
Address: #B4-55, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

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  1. Have always wanted to try this place. Now that I know it serves such hearty portions, the more I want to try it:) haha thanks for sharing!