Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas dinner at Marriott Cafe


It's a brand new year once again and somehow it feels a little terrifying to me that yet another year had passed. Time passes way too quickly when you are older. I don't remember the years passing by so quickly when I was a kid. Weird, isn't it? 

Selfie taken after watching The Hobbit 3 ^_^

Last Christmas, CC and I had a seafood buffet dinner at Shangri-la because I had earned some vouchers to The Line. This year, we made use of the Entertainer app and went for Marriott Cafe's 1-for-1 dinner buffet. Tbh, I felt a little cheated because I thought that they were having their christmas special menu (price was higher than usual during the december period) which included lobsters and foie gras. To my disappointment, there were none :(

That aside, I had learnt my lesson from the 2013's buffet dinner (wow, still can't believe we're in year 2015 right now..) after I almost puked my guts out from skipping breakfast and lunch just for the buffet.

I only managed to take a few photos because the lightings were very harsh. The crab legs were so fleshy. The pincer flesh was the best but the flesh from the legs were ridiculously salty unfortunately. Crayfish was a little tough and we only ate 1 full crayfish each, surprisingly. I loved their oysters!

 I wasn't a fan of their meat because they were quite tough for my liking. The lamb had such a gamey taste too. Even before I started to chew on it, the flavour of the lamb overwhelmed my tastebuds ._.

 Singapore chilli crab

Squid ink aglio olio
Give me anything aglio olio and I will (most probably) love it. Aglio olio is one of my favourite pasta ever and I really like mine with lots of garlic hehe.

If you're interested to check out their buffet, Marriott Cafe is located at the ground level of Singapore Marriott Hotel (320 Orchard Road).


Here's some photos taken at the cousin's wedding solemnization a few days ago..

always camera-ready hahaha

*insert some inspirational quote here*

my lovely parents :)

It was amazing to witness a couple's wedding solemnization and to share their happiness together. Congratulations to the newly wed couple! :')

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