Monday, 5 January 2015

Review: 3CE Lip color #706 Sweet Impact

I never quite get the hype about 3CE comestic products (by stylenanda) but now I know why they are so popular after trying out some of their products, in particular, their lipstick!

#706 Sweet Impact

image from 3CE
Their lipstick is the first 3CE product I have ever tried and I gradually fell in love with it after using it on a regular basis.

image from 3CE
Sweet Impact - such a lovely shade of sweet and medium-toned pink!

Actual colour is darker though and will definitely look darker than it is if you have dark lips. Even though the colour isn't quite the same as what is being depicted in the images, I am glad that I am able to wear this colour without it looking weird on me (or at least how I feel about it!).

taken with iphone 6
This colour is so vibrant and cheery and I only need minimal makeup (draw brows and apply lipstick that's all!) to look more presentable. I think 3CE has the glossy version of Sweet Impact available but I feel that matte lipstick is more versatile for informal and formal occasions. 

The downside of this lipstick is that it is not moisturizing and is slightly clumpy when applied, even on the hand. However, with proper care, it is long-lasting and does not require much touching up.

Here are some photos of me wearing the lipstick: 
I don't have a habit of taking selfies of myself so..

I love how it instantly brightens up my whole appearance!

Taken under natural lightings.
Hope you enjoyed this review :) 

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