Monday, 16 February 2015

The Start Of My Journey As An Exchange Student

Going to the United Kingdom or even an Asian country for exchange studies once seemed like a venture that was near impossible because of the hefty expenses that would be incurred and because I did not really think of it too. It feels like an undertaking that I can only dream of. However, I decided to try my luck and applied for the exchange programme because it would be my last and only opportunity to do so while I am schooling. All I was thinking at that time was: if I do manage to secure a place, good for me.. if not, too bad.

The entire process from deciding which university to apply to, where to stay.etc was so tedious and required hell loads of time and effort. I still find it kind of crazy for me to say that I am finally here in UK after months of planning and looking forward to the trip! It is also something that I can check off my bucket list woohoo! So thankful to have Shermine as my travel buddy! We had discussed about it together and applied for the same university but honestly, we did not expect to get our first choices because UK is a very popular destination for students who want to go for exchange studies but we managed to get in the same school yay!


Goodbyes are always hard but we will pull it through together!

Thank you my dear girls for sending me off *hugs*

It was a red eye flight so the jet lag was not too bad as we were scheduled to arrive in Manchester in the early morning.
Managed to watch 2 movies on the plane and snacked on Sherm's popcorns hehe

Supper was curry fish with rice. Not too bad.

Finnair's breakfast. Only had a taste of it because I had no appetite and it wasn't nice..

Enroute to Manchester at 8.30am and we managed to catch the sunrise. Such a beautiful sight!

Times like these, window seats are the best.

Everywhere covered in snow!

Before we settled down in Sheffield where we would be having our exchange studies, we stayed for a day in Manchester before moving on to London. We spent close to 24 hours (crazy huh) traveling to Manchester from Singapore. After a 2-hour stopover at Helsinki, it was a 3-hour flight to Manchester. Unfortunately, due to the heavy snow, Manchester airport was closed and it was uncertain when it would be opened again. Flight was redirected to Birmingham airport and we were stranded for almost 2 hours in the airplane before arrangements for ground transport were made to ferry us poor souls to Manchester. SIGH. But it was snowing when we were at Birmingham!!

By the time we reached our hotel, it was already 4pm and we only managed to cover the National Art Gallery and Chinatown. A lot of time was wasted searching for sim card but the night ended well.. thankfully! As we were starving, we got some cinnamon rolls, recommended by Sherm. We then settled for some sushi joint but only got 3 plates of sushi (spent SGD16 on just 3 plates sigh) lol!

The Wheel of Manchester standing at 60 metres high.

First day away from home and I was already craving for asian food :/

Chanced upon Manchester Art Gallery which was on the itinerary so we went to check it out. Thankfully the gallery opens till late on Thursdays.

If you love art, you should visit this art gallery. Entry is free too!

Gay village - one of the nightlife there but it was quite quiet on that day.

This sums up our first night at Manchester and our first day in UK!


Day 2: 

enroute to London

Selfie after preparing to leave our hotel.

I brought so many stuff which I regretted because moving from one place to another was hell as we could not rely on anyone to help us. Lesson learnt!

One of the buildings beside Manchester station. Everywhere is so picturesque! 


I have now settled down in Sheffield and finally finally decided to start blogging about my exchange journey. No more procrastination! I'll blog about our London trip soon too hehe.

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