Monday, 16 March 2015

London Trip Part 1

So I finally found time (no idea why but I seem to be always busy although I am not even studying..) to blog about our trip to London before we settled at Sheffield. A night was spent at Manchester before leaving for London the next day. 

The view just right across the street from our Generator hostel. Everywhere is so picturesque!

First stop was Science Museum. A trip to London won't be complete without a visit to some of her many museums. They are like.. edutainment; fun and educational! A plus point is that most of them do not require an entrance fee! Sometimes, you don't need money to have a great time :)

This section of the Science Museum interests me the most. All the different types of vehicles are so interesting and gorgeous!

lovely vintage cars

Natural History Museum:
Such a grand exterior and the museum is beautifully lit up in the evening. Best thing about this is that admission is free and this museum has so much to offer.

I was quite excited to visit this museum because there is T-rex! 

I love watching Jurassic Park so imagine my excitement when I saw the various skeleton models of dinosaurs being displayed there. DINOSAURS ARE REAL!!! The whole architecture of the museum is really gorgeous too. It kinda reminds me of the movie, Night at the Museum.

Even if you're not interested in the content of this museum, visit it for its gorgeous interior. 

After visiting the museums, we made a short visit to Harrods, which is one of the world's most famous department stores that house luxury brands.

Dinner was at Caffe Concerto, a restaurant that we chanced upon on our way back. The ambience is lovely and prices seem to be reasonable and affordable. We thought that it was quite cheap for a restaurant standard but after that we realized this is the standard prices around lol.
Hot chocolate yum!

Parma Ham for starter. 

My main. Not sure if I was too hungry to finish (you know that feeling??) or the portion was too huge for me to finish..


Day 2

First stop was at Borough Market. I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is a food haven and a must-visit for me if I ever go back again.

 Shellseekers - grilled scallops with bacon bits and beansprouts. SOO GOOD.

You know how comforting it is to have a hot drink in your hand during Winter?? VERY!

There's an exotic meat stall selling Ostrich meat and kangaroo meat at the market. Thanks to Sherm, I got to try out Ostrich meat! The taste is very similar to beef but less gamey. I actually enjoyed it :)

I was so tempted to get a serving of this delicious-looking paella. Guess I'll get it when I visit Spain!

Spotted a snaking long queue for the cheese toastie sandwich which everyone was eating so we decided to join the queue under the rain although we were quite full. It did not taste as good as it looked though.

Southwark Cathedral, just beside Borough Market. Such a lovely space!

Hay Galleria

The famous red telephone booth!

Tower Bridge checked!

We got enticed by the smell of freshly roasted caramelized peanuts by the foot of the bridge so we snacked on them as we explored the area further.

Historic Royal Palaces 

Dinner was at Chinatown. Yeah not even a week and we are already craving for asian food.. /slaps self

Seafood noodles soup. I still can't believe I paid approximately $20 for this and I didn't finish it T.T

Fried rice with hor fun sauce which was rather yummy!

We caught a musical "Stomp" too. Brillant performance! 


Will blogged about the rest of our London trip the next time because the laziness has kicked in... *jumps onto bed beside me*


  1. Hi Rachel! I love your pictures! :)

    Would you mind sharing what camera you use?

  2. Thank you dear! Enjoy yourself!!!! :)

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