Saturday, 11 April 2015

London Trip Part 2

Day 3

The day was spent browsing through Camden streets and we also had our lunch at Camden Market. 

I was too hungry so I got churros first before deciding what to eat as my main course :P

typical British meal of fish & chips from a random stall. I kinda regretted getting this because there are many other nicer food inside the market and I only realized it after we walked further in.

Everything looks too good!

Fancy a cuppa tea with the mad hatter and company? 

There's a bubble tea stall and frozen yogurt stall inside Topshop! We couldn't resist and got a cup of bubble tea to share. $7 per cup.. told myself that I would not get BBT again because it is crazily overpriced but I still see myself getting it again.. and again.

Piccadilly Circus

Statue of Eros

On our way to dinner, we chanced upon this interesting jungle themed shop with a cafe in it.

After a 45 minutes wait at Lobster & Burger and a very hungry rachel, we could finally relax and enjoy our dinner!

Really yummy but I felt that the lobster meat was a little tough.. it took me quite some time to chew before I could swallow it. No idea why but I actually didn't manage to finish the lobster because I was really full T.T During our first week of travelling, we somehow didn't have much appetite even though we were famished at times. 


Day 4

Covent Market Garden

There's nothing to eat at Covent Garden Market except for a few small stalls unless they include the individual restaurants around the area? Maybe we didn't explore enough..

Spotted Shake Shack nearby and decided to give it a try. Burger was very good and I must be crazy to order a milkshake because the weather was very cold and I wasn't feeling well. But hey, first meal I finished in London!

St Paul's @ Covent Garden

Apple Market

St. Paul Cathedral

St Pancras Renaissance hotel is so pretty! 

Tower bridge at night

Ended the night making my way to Howarts hehehehe


Day 5

Buckinhgam Palace

Change of guards

Love the beaerskins (hats) that the guards were wearing. So cute!

Trying to keep up with Shermine's pace of taking selfies hahaha

There were so many birds flying around and this poor statue around the Queen Victoria's monument got shitted on a couple of times ...

Brunch was next on the itinerary. Our first English breakfast!

Westminster Chapel 

Westminster Abbey

In the premises of the beautiful Westminster school.

The no-idea-what-this-building-is

Big Ben

Museum of London.

Love this museum! Had to take a selfie with one of the exihibits inside.. 

London Eye is nothing after you've seen the Singapore Flyer.

Settled for (mediocre) dinner nearby as we were starving. 

Emirates Stadium

Can someone give me a pat on my shoulder because I've just finished blogging about the first week of my exchange? Lol.


  1. Hi Rachel is searching for blog about London over Christmas time and your blog pops up! Wanna ask for places to go on Christmas day with everything closes and tube shuts down. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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