Thursday, 21 May 2015

Easter Trip: Berlin, Germany

6th stop: Berlin, Germany 

Cheese pretzel for breakfast from Hamburg's train station. It was so filling!

Got a regular german sausage soon after we reached Berlin. My regret was that I didn't manage to try the currywurst from this shop :(

 These chocolate balls are sold everywhere in bakeries and they looked like a ball of chocolate goodness. Of course I had to try it! Taste was not what I had expected. It did not taste that chocolatey and there was a weird flavour to it which I could not put a name to. At least I tried it, no regrets!

So shiok to eat ice-cream during Winter
I didn't pick the chocolate flavour because a lighter coloured flavour seemed to be less potent to my sore throat. My logic haha. 

Brandenburg Gate

with beautiful horses

Look at that horse's mane being plaited! 

Holocaust Memorial to the murdered Jews

Once you enter, to get to the other side you'd have to pass through these grey concrete blocks in an orderly manner; it's somewhat being referenced to the environment of a concentration camp. The heights of these blocks gradually increase as you venture deeper. 

Berlin Luftwaffe HQ - Nazi architecture

...Ironic words?

Checkpoint Charlie - the famous border between East Berlin and West Berlin during the cold war.

Gendarmenmarkt - A large square in Berlin

Konzerthaus Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Berliner Fernsehturm - A 368m-high TV tower 

Neptune fountain with the Roman God Neptune in the center

Berlin's town hall

Dinner at Zur Letzten Instanz.
Currywurst with yummy curry sauce that tasted the closest to curry as compared to the others that I've tried.

Grilled Pork Knuckles 
This was the first time in my life eating so much pork knuckles. 

Berlin Wall
It was such a regret that I had no time to make it to the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall :(

We walked for over half an hour just to see the Brandenburg Gate at night.

It was the end of earth hour too! Isn't it ironic that more lights are being used to commemorate this  event when we are supposed to save electricity..?

Supper was currywurst. Berlin's version was very salty though.

Thanks for all the welfies hahaha. 

Berlin is such an intriguing city and so rich with history. So glad I included Berlin in my list of to-go.

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