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Easter Trip: Budapest, Hungary

8th stop: Budapest, capital of Hungary

Day 1 (31/3)

Budapest streets
I did not really fancy the feel of Budapest streets but I really love that Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube river which makes Budapest exceptionally beautiful.

Breakfast was at A Table, a french bakery near our hostel which was recommended by our hostel's receptionist (who was really cute!).

The Salmon & Spinach Quiche was too salty for my liking.

Almond Croissant was buttery, flaky, and simply delicious. I love croissants so much I don't think I can imagine a life without them. Thankfully, the budget croissants at Tesco are going at £1 for 6!! Not the best but enough to satisfy my cravings.

Great Synagogue in Dohány Street
This is the largest Synagogue in Europe.

Kinda sad atmosphere inside..

Vaci Street
This is one of the main shopping streets in Budapest. The shopping streets are littered with souvenir shops and salesmen are very pushy and would enthusiastically (or annoyingly) gesture you to enter their shops.

Central Market Hall - the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest

We had overpriced Langos, which is a deep fried flat bread. The server kept encouraging me to add as much toppings as possible and I ended up $15 poorer. Taste was disappointing as well. It was cold and tasted unappetizing :(

 Crossing the Liberty Bridge to get to Gellert Hill Cave and Gellert Hill Church

 Liberty Bridge - one of the 8 bridges in Budapest

We found swings while trekking up Gellert Hill and of course I had to unleash my inner child desires.

Every corner was photo worthy.

 Liberty Statue - a monument on top of Gellert Hill
This monument was erected in memory of those who had sacrificed their lives for Hungary. It was quite an impressive statue.

Can everyone just take a moment to admire the beauty of Budapest? *dreamy eyes*

View of Pest from Buda
It was rather therapeutic to gaze at these buildings and watch the cars go by.

Statue of St. Gerard
The Gellert Hill was named after St. Gerard who was thrown to death from the hill. This statue forms part of Budapest's prominent skyline.

Elizabeth Bridge

Teabreak + toilet break (so damn hard to find toilets) at La Lucia. I had Iced Banana Macchiato to quench my thirst which obviously did not work.

St. Stephen’s Basilica
The interior was stunningly impressive but I did not manage to take any photos because I had a sudden cough fit and had to run out of the basilica :/

Dinner was at Kisharang étkezde. 
We had a set dinner and a main course to share. This was the beef goulash soup which is one of their local dishes. That chilli condiment was quite spicy and fragrant but unfortunately I could only have a tiny bit of it because of my sore throat. Yep, my condition was just getting worse even after so many days.

Duck confit with spätzle which I really liked a lot! Surprisingly, I enjoyed this spätzle more than the one I had in Germany.

Stuffed cabbage roll with pork chop, and bacon fat
That bacon fat was so fattening, sinful, but brilliant. Cabbage roll was too salty and pork chop was too tough. The vegetables at the side was quite salty too.

Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream for dessert


Day 2 (1/4)

Breakfast was at a random cafe and this smoked salmon baguette was surprisingly good!

The Tram number 2 allows passengers to sightsee along the Danube River. I wished the windows were cleaner though.

Hungarian National Gallery

Everywhere was so picturesque.

Matthais Fountain
Yet another impressive structure.

Matthais Church

This was one of the most beautiful churches I had seen so far. Really gorgeous roof tiles.

Alternative and equally gorgeous view at Fisherman Bastion.

Coffee break with a view.
It was too windy to sit outdoors though.

Szentendre - a riverside town
Love the clean and tidy rows of streets.

Budapest Parliament

It was a really beautiful Parliament building, quite possibly one of the prettiest in the world.

delicious pizza and my favourite arugula!

..along the Danube river which divides Buda and Pest. What a breathtaking night view!

For the first time in my life and probably the last time, I held a lizard!

Hello cutie! Guinea pig had poop stuffed in his cheeks and he was eating it the whole time.

HEDGEHOGGGGGG. Look at that precious little baby!

Cat resembling Hitler. Right? Right?

Goose confit at Koleves followed by some drinks. I had the worst shot ever and my body could not stop purging out the repulsive substance.


Day 3 (2/4)

Brunch was at a random cafe before we set off to Budapest's famous bath house.

Opera House

Heroes Square

National Museum

Vajdahunyad Castle

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

It was literally a cool experience running outdoors in our swim-wears to get to the outdoor pools and indoor pools when the temperature was 8°C.

Indeed :)

Dinner was overpriced Apple Strudel at Budapest's Easter Market.

and another mediocre and overpriced chicken wrap. Budapest food is relatively cheap and the food sold at the market is even more expensive than that of restaurants.

Night view of Budapest Castle. So so stunning!

It was a lovely last night at Budapest :)

Signing off, the #europexploreRS.

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