Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Easter trip: Gothenburg, Sweden

Enroute to Gothenburg. Pretty fluffy clouds!

We stayed for a night at Hotell Robinson and we were greeted by this really gorgeous interior. Hotell Robinson is listed as permanently closed on google maps and we actually walked around the area twice before entering this hotel and asking the receptionist if she knew the existence of Hotell Robinson. It turned out that Hotell Robinson is part of this hotel and it is recently renovated.

the beautiful lobby

Even the staircases and lifts are pretty!

Our room was very spacious too.

while waiting for Shermine to get ready for the day...

welfie with Christinae Kyrka (church) in the background

interior of Christinae Kyrka, a German church. What a lovely chandelier! I am not a Christian but I love visiting European churches.

Gothenburg's riverfront

Domkyrkan: Gothenburg Cathedral

Lunch was at The Market Hall. We had really good salmon steak with crispy skin and Swedish meatballs. Meatballs were wonderful but the ones we had in Stockholm tasted better. Those were unforgettable! As I am typing this, I feel like I am getting hungry from picturing those beautiful meatballs ugh!

After lunch, we walked to Haga, a small town in Gothenburg. Along the way, we had to walk past this stretch of road lined with trees. These pathways are my favourite! There is always that sense of tranquility present especially when it is not littered with people. It is so therapeutic to walk through them too.

Beautiful Haga. 

Shops neatly lined along stretches of pedestrian cobbled streets. My cup of tea!

This town is definitely underrated and I'll recommend you to visit Haga if you are in Gothenburg.

Spotted a playground and we unleashed our inner child there haha 

Long flights of stairs to Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan is a fortress resting on hill Risåsberget.

Admiring the views from Risåsberget

Visit Skansen Kronan for its view of the city!

couldn't take a neat photo with hair in place because of the strong wind

Short break at Cafe Husaren

Very large cinnamon buns can be easily found in the small town of Haga but they look so scarily big. How to finish?!

We had a random sweet crumbly pastry and it was really good with the mocha.

Bältespännarparken - A small park supposedly famous for the sculpture of two men strapped together and fighting with knives. There weren't much sights there during Winter though. It was very empty and the park nearby was closed very early too. In the early evening (probably on a weekday?), the whole area emanated peaceful but gloomy vibes partially because of the bare and seemingly lifeless trees.

river nearby 

We explored the city center and shopping malls after that.

I couldn't resist and had an ice-cream cone for supper. What a sweet ending to my day! The guy who served me was totally judging me when I was taking photos of my ice-cream. 

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