Sunday, 17 May 2015

Easter Trip: Hamburg, Germany

Day 1 (26/3):

I was feeling rather excited for Germany because I can't wait to try their German sausages. Hamburg is kinda boring but I love how the graffiti culture is so huge here.

There are so many graffitis on walls and buildings! It was such an aesthetically pleasing sight. Graffiti certainly does a good job in livening up the city.

Our day started off with joining a free walking tour. This photo was taken on board a ferry, which is part of the public transport system.

We spent the day exploring the St Pauli and Reeperbahn district.

Altona's fishmarket.
Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to see what's inside because it is only open on Sunday mornings. This place looks really huge though.

U-434 Museum.
Such a cool museum! This is one of the few museums that I've considered paying because it looks so interesting!

Beatles square
So.. I found out that there was a 5th member of the Beatles, significant enough to be included as part of the group.

Hamburg is filled with sites of the Beatles. Kaiserkeller, being one of them, is a very famous spot where the Beatles had performed for a period of time.

Olivia's Show Club

We bought a Döner Kebab during our walking tour as we were too hungry to wait till dinner time. It was pretty good and so large that I was struggling to finish it. After that, I couldn't think of kebabs for weeks.

Star-club - a music club where many big names used to play at.

Reeperbahn - Hamburg's red light district where it houses some of the oldest brothels.
Eros Center is one of the famous brothels in Hamburg. I googled for more information about it because our guide told us that this was a very popular brothel. It has however been ordered to shut down recently following a raid. 

Hamburg's infamous Herbertstrasse
Interestingly, this area is condoned off and only men above 18 years of age are allowed to enter. We were told by our tour guide that women may get stuff thrown or splashed at them if they enter without permission. So much secrecy and so intriguing!

The police station in Hamburg.
Apparently, it has appeared in several movies.. if I remembered correctly.

St. Pauli Theater

Dancing Towers
These towers are so uniquely shaped but are boringly office buildings. It'd be cool to work there huh?

Alster Lake

Romantic moment? haha.

I finally had my first taste of Germany's currywurst!!! This was the cheapest and the best that I had for the whole trip and it was from an unassuming food van outside the main train station. The curry sauce was nothing like I had expected though.

Day 2 (27/3):

When in Germany, eat currywurst for breakfast. This time, we tried the ones inside the train station which were about one euro more expensive and I couldn't really tell the difference between the one we had yesterday and this.

We joined another free walking tour which started at Hamburg's town hall. The town hall is such a magnificent building with so many intricate details.

The interior was beautiful too.

St. Nicholas Church's ruins.

Elbe Philharmonic Hall - a severely delayed construction.
It was one of the most unique architecture I had seen. That delay better be worth it.

St Nikolai Church

European churches are amazing and they are so charming. I will never get bored of visiting one.

We had a teabreak at a random cafe after the tour because it was so cold outside. I'm really starting to get sick of Winter at this point -_-

Dinner was at Fischfeinkost Delikatessen Des Meeres. They have only one item on their menu and it changes everyday. This generous serving of fish pasta costed us €6.90 only! So worth it! 

Last stop was Hamburger Dom, the largest and longest funfair in Germany.

Hamburger Dom by day

Hamburger Dom by night.
The atmosphere at night is definitely better. The whole place looks so lively because of the brightly lit neon lights everywhere. Also, I was surprised by how huge Hamburger Dom is. From outside, it did not look impressive in size but we actually took quite some time to comb every corner.

This was the only ride that I sat and it was fun but not thrilling enough for me. Damage was €4 only!

These sweet treats are sold everywhere.

Schoko-spezial sprungfedern
Even though I was nursing a sore throat, it did not stop me from getting this spiral chocolate biscuit treat. So worth the prolonged suffering! There were many varieties of funfair food to choose from and I had a hard time prioritizing what to get as we were there on a full stomach. If you're planning to go there, your stomach better be empty.

Highlights of Hamburg has got to be Hamburger Dom and its fireworks. We managed to catch the weekly fireworks on Friday. I was caught unaware by them as they started while I was buying some food -_- What a nice timing.

Champignons with garlic sauce. This was brillant.

Mini dutch pancakes with nutella and vanilla

Thank you Hamburger Dom for the wonderful memories and great night.

To Shermine: I hope you will be able to muster up your courage by then, and take the rides at Europa-park. A small step goes a long way! You've got about a month to prepare yourself ;)

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