Thursday, 14 May 2015

Easter Trip: Malmo, Copenhagen

Takeaway breakfast from Espresso House in the train to Malmo.

We had a 2-hour stopover at Malmö and we managed to finish exploring the city centre within that short frame of time.
Sankt Petri Church

Malmo city centre
It was rather quiet at 10A.M.

Some really intriguing art installation that we saw. I tried to google about the background story but to no avail. Does anyone know anything about it? I am really curious!


Copenhagen: Day 1 (24/3)

Tivoli - An amusement park.
It was closed during Winter when we were there :(

Copenhagen City Hall

Avocado juice at Joe & The Juice. So yummy and so expensive.. Probably my first and last time getting it.

Post & Tele Museum:

Just me doing my job

Check out those nolstagic spice girls posters on the walls! My dad used to listen to spice girls a lot so I became a fan of them when I was young. Ahh.. memories!

Denmark's telephone booth

Lunch was at Grød. This was the mouthwatering bowl of apple and cinnamon oats porridge. Best that I had ever tasted!

Beetroot risotto.. SO TASTY!!!!! Also one of the best risottos that I ever had.

Copenhagen Cathedral

St. Petri Church

We had the crispiest churros, freshly fried and served with a generous amount of milk chocolate and dark chocolate sauce. Sooooooo good!

Happiness at $8.

It was a romantic evening sitting near a fountain and listening to lovely music played by a talented busker.

Can my face look this slim every time???

Delicious Smag Danish ham and Brie sandwich for dinner. They were also one of the best sandwiches that I had! Oddly, it seemed like everything was one of the best, if not the best that I had in my entire life...

Day 2 (25/3):

Brunch was at Next Door Cafe. The cashier could recognize that we were Singaporeans because of our accent haha. They do know where Singapore is!

Oats porridge with diced cubes of apple and cinnamon. Sounds good huh? This however paled in comparison to the oats porridge we had at Grød the day before. That one was unbelievably tasty!

The Marble Church
beautiful dome-shaped top. 

In the premises of Amalienborg Palace
spot cool minnie in the photo (nickname that I gave to Shermine)

where the Danish Royal family resides
Change of guards at Amalienborg Palace

serious palace guards and I am absolutely digging their cute fluffy bearskins. 

Every time I see a dog, I will be reminded of how much I miss Lessie. Since I may appear as a creepy human if I approach them with a camera, I decided to take a discreet photo with the mutt behind me!

Copenhagen Opera House

St. Alban's Church
beautiful church in Churchillparken

Gefion Fountain. What an imposing structure!

The Little Mermaid sculpture - Inspired by Hans Anderson fairytale
Look at that handsome doggie!!

Christianborg Palace from afar

Nyhavn Habour - rows of colourful houses lined along the habour. What a pleasing sight!

Horses at the habour. The one behind is so cute!

Christiania neighbourhood

Afternoon break at Lagkagehuset
Had yummy Christianshavnerkage and Spandauer.

Church Of Our Lady
Check out that unique spiral tower!

Danish Parliament

Stunning Højesteret (supreme court of Denmark)

 National museum of Denmark.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time to explore this space but the 45 minutes here was well spent although I only had time to walk through the exhibitions.

Dinner was at this Chinese buffet restaurant because we were enticed by the word "sushi buffet". It turned out to be our most expensive meal of the trip. Thankfully we managed to eat some salmon sushi which got wiped out very quickly. I promised myself that this was going to be my first and last Asian meal for this trip. Gotta say no to overpriced Asian food :(

Okay so we ended up having asian food on the last day of the trip.. -_- Not too bad right?

Ending the blogpost with a welfie of the #europexploreRS :)

Next stop, Hamburg!

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